Thought I had blow it on Saturday

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Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
Saturday morning I decided to put a thinner 'shorter reach' trigger on one of my Sig P226's. I've always had a problem with these and the item called the Locking Insert... this time I really screwed the pooch... the dern thing would not slip back in and then it went in wrong and locked itself in place... would not budge.... After about 30 minutes of trying to pry and tap it loose I gave up... bothered me for the rest of the day and I did not sleep well that night... was sure I needed to send it to sig.... then yesterday afternoon I sat down with it and decided to take a plunge... I took the whole pistol apart... all the hammer and decock stuff... just not the slide. once I got all that off the locking insert, which is a big piece in the front that the round slides on up into the barrel practically fell out. Then I had just one challenge .... put it all back together..... I found a sort of decent animation of how to do this online and followed it and got it done... today I found a much better video that I will keep as a bookmark. It is really not that hard if you go slow... and use a substitute pin to hold certain items... It's just that I don't do this kind of stuff that often and it seems I have to relearn some of it each time.


Dec 1, 1999
Good on you for walking away and coming back at it from a different angle.

I believe we tinker-smiths run into things like that just to keep us humble. :D

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