Thinning the herd as we age

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Jul 8, 2022
NE Texas
Nice Vette! Looks great in that color! I like C5's! Yeah, getting in/out of the Vette at 70 is a whole new experience. I do have my own method which works well, so far, as long as I can have the door all the way open! LOL

I always wanted a Vette and had bought my cousin's '76 Vette when he passed. Less than 50,000 miles! It's a sluggish stock L48 but it's enjoyable to cruise around in. I added a removable rear window from and early C3 and put in an 8 track player. Rather had a 68 to 70 high HP but I'm just taking care of this one for my cousin!

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Last year of the seventies Stingrays right? Very nice!

This is a pic of a 79 L82 I owned a couple years ago. Nice car but I hated the uncomfortable seats so I sold it, concentrating all my efforts toward restoring my 74 T/A.


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Jun 15, 2006
Vancouver WA USA
My wife wants me to and every month or so says something about it.... so keep on the look out, I have a few Rugers....
What is she willing to get rid of? LOL, just asking...
I'll let my son decide what guns he wants if I haven't sold something to fund another gun or project.
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May 3, 2023
I go through "phases".....

When I was in my 20's, I collected military surplus bolt action rifles, and had over 100 of them. I had tons of fun shooting surplus ammo, but interests change and sometimes you need to pursue new chalenges.

I sold them , mostly all off, and used some of that money to begin to accumulate Ruger and S&W revolvers. I sold off many of the S&W's, and kept the "cream" of the Rugers. Handguns were just more convenient, more fun, easier to store and it was easier to set up at 25-50 yards than 100 and keep walking around back and forth at the range. Shooting became less of a driving force in my life and more of an actual hobby that I enjoy when I have time. I am perfectly content to hit the gun club, staple up a 15 yard target, shoot a box of .38, a 100 rounds of .22 and go hit Taco Bell to go home for movie and chill time. Going to the range used to be an all day event, 1-2x a week for me. Now I can't imagine spending that much time there. I have recently popped over to the gun club to shoot 1 box of 9mm and I was fine with that.

I also enjoy shooting blackpowder firearms such as percussion revolvers and military rifle-muskets. For the past year I have fired nearly nothing but percussion revolvers and muzzleloading rifles. I have gravitated back to Ruger revolvers, mainly single actions but I don't know where my next "swing" will take me.

So I am really not buying a lot more, and not selling any because my Ruger revolvers have sat unused for nearly 4 years, and I'm finally coming back to them . So I am thankful I didn't sell them all off because I "wasn't using them" because it would suck to want to shoot something and remember that you sold it off, and the replacement cost is now too high . Because you never know what you'll be in the mood for 2 years down the road.

I'm holding what I have and people in my family can worry about it when I'm dead, if they want to hock them, I hope they'll be smart enough to get market value , whatever it may be then. It's basically a Trust Fund. Some of the guns I bought because I thought they looked cool like my .41 Bisley Blackhawk are worrth 3x what I paid. I never worried about it because I buy them to shoot.


Oct 7, 2022
Been there, done that. Retina problem when I hit 50 made me get rid of hi recoil long guns. Hated to lose my trap shotgun. Always liked variety so I got into Contender and accumulated a bunch of barrels. Sold all but one and associated ammo off last year. Maryland has always been a pain with its gun laws so I got a C&R at the right time when there was good Eastern block handguns available at pretty good prices. Built up my hi recoil rifles again but just sold off all but one rifle and my shotguns because of eye issues again. Still troll the gun sites for anything worth buying but the prices on anything decent is unreal. $800+ for a 3 screw Single 6? I don't think so.

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