The girls wanted to pose for a pic, so....

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Oct 3, 2009
Mo - south of STL
Well, I traded an old rifle awhile back for a Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special. Made in Bridgeport, figger it's about a '70 model or so. 3" barrel, and so doggone light that it's got to be an excellent ccw! Just got to find the right holster. Had Pachmayr Presentations on it, got a cheap et of Grippers off of feebay to lessen the 'print' while carrying.

Finally got to shoot it last weekend, along with a few others, along with my Lipsey's SP101, my new to me 5-1/2" .41 mag Redhawk, OM Single Six, 3" Taurus .38, and High Standard 4" .22LR, nice little kit gun.

I haven't been shooting in forever :cry: due to lotsa other shtuff going on. Only had about 1-1/2 to 2 hrs.

Well, the :x Taurus busted something (pawl?) after about 4 cylinders full, now the cylinder won't lock up. Got to check it out, as it seems to be a decent shooter.

As always, the '70 OM Single Six shot great, better than I did :oops: I gotta get more practice in! HS is a good shooter, as well.

Redhawk is nice! Sweet trigger, had to have been worked over.

SP101 is gonna take some getting used to, need to wrap my hand up a little further than I normally do. After a 30 or so .38s (pussycat!) and a full box of purdy warm 125 gr JSPs, I was ready to switch :oops:

But the surprise of the daywas the CA .44! As light as the gun is, I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be to shoot. Now I was only shooting 240 gr LFN, probably cowboy loads, but I shot that gun better than any other all day!

It was getting pretty dark, so I loaded and fired the last 15 rounds fairly quick, DA. At about 15 yds, I was 3" low, and did pull a couple to either side, but there was a big ragged hole about 3" diameter, 3" below the bullseye! I was pretty happy with that, as I really hadn't been shooting that good, waaay out of practice! :oops: On top of that, I normally do most of my shooting SA, used to my Blackhawk and Single Six.

So, the girls wanted to pose for a pic after a quick wipedown, and I had no choice but to oblige them! Now if that :evil: :evil: :evil: photobucket will co-operate.....