The Brinton Ranch Big Horn, WY

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Dec 3, 2021
The Brinton Ranch House, we got a private tour of the house. This ranch is at the center of a 620 acre quarter circle A ranch which was purchased by Bradford Brinton in 1923 as a gentleman's working ranch. It houses his collection of books, American Indian artifacts and one of the most extensive collection of Remington and Russell original oil painting I've ever seen. His Indian artifacts was so large they opened, after he died, the Forrest Mars museum to house all the pieces. I won't bore you all with a lot of photos, they were quite sensitive about pictures taken inside the house but I couldn't help myself. Go to the to see the complete story of this ranch. It was a great afternoon and if you are ever around Sheridan, WY and like Indian art this is a must see. The art inside of the house is remarkable and the man loved books and a few long guns as well.
Brinton Ranch House 1 IMG_2040 (002).jpg

Brinton Ranch House 3 IMG_2043.jpg

Brinton Ranch House 4 IMG_2044 (003).jpg
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Jun 13, 2015
Sheridan, WY
The master bedroom is pretty awe-inspiring. Did you get the opportunity to hit some of the outbuildings and the barn? They had a cow a couple years ago who would try to lick you to death...she loved people! 😆