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Thirty years ago I came into some money and bought a Ruger Blackhawk convertible revolver BN-34x. It was called The Ambusher and it is a special issue produced involving a Ruger Blackhawk Convertible 357/9mm. This gun was one of 26 produced and it was featured in the Ruger Collectors Journal December 1980 Vol. 4 no. 4.
Times are tough right now and I was wondering what it might be worth today. When I bought it I put it away and it has never been fired... just cleaned and looked at on occasion. Thanks in advance for your input.


Oct 4, 2003
SW Iowa, USA
Welcome to Ruger Forum. Interesting gun! Not mentioned in RENE (Red Eagle News Exchange) as "Ambush" or limited to 26 production that I can find. No expert, but would like to know more about it. Is there a box? Pics of that and gun plus serial number might help evaluation. New or old model? Could you post copy of magazine article? All the BKH34X models are desirable collector pieces. Someone more knowledgable will chime in here soon.


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Sep 18, 2002
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Welcome to the Forum!
I looked in the RCA Journal,, and from what I can tell, this gun was produced by Clinton River Gun Services. It states that THEY worked up a "special issue" Ruger, choosing the BKH34X as the first one they would do.
They list 25 guns by serial numbers,, and the pic shows a custom wooden case with the CRCG info on the lid.
I'd say this was a custom job AFTER a standard BKH34X left the factory. From the pic,, it appears to have a polished ejector housing, a red insert in the front sight, a colored ring behind the cylinder notches, and a cleaned off gripframe, kinda dull finish. There is only 1 pic,, and it's hard to tell much.
My thoughts? A custom shop did the work after it left Ruger. So,, the value isn't as high as it would be if Ruger had done the work,, and offered it to the public. I'd have a hard time putting a value on it,, BUT,,,,,,, since it was featured in the RCA journal,, we know of it's existance as being offered by a company. That helps it's value some.
If I were a buyer,, I'd want to know if it came with the original Ruger box along with the wooden display case,, and any paperwork you could have to add to it's history.
That said,, it's a New Model,, so if you take NM prices,, and go from there to try & figure a value.


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Mar 28, 2001
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You see the various New Model guns that have had some sort of aftermarket "special edition" work done to them sit around for sale for a long time before finding the right buyer.

The BASS limited edition stainless NM .357 in the wood case comes to mind. I believe the special markings on that one were commisioned by the aftermarket outfit but may have actually been done by Ruger. They seem to sell for between $600 and $800.

Unless the special trimming is really meaningful to the buyer, it won't be as easy of a sell as a special edition that was offered by the factory in low quantity.