Thank You to whoever gave me these white grips!

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May 2, 2012

I can't remember who gave them now, but someone on here gave me the white grips I just stuck on the .500 Vaquero to help tame it a bit for now until the horn dries. It was a giveaway in the classifieds if I remember right, and I think I got 3 sets. A wood I used on another gun and another white set I gave away. This white set that's currently on the vaquero has been used on some other revolvers when I need a tad more meat to hang onto some thumper loads. The fit at the hubs on this one ain't pretty, but they fit good the rest of the way around the frame, and they are rock solid. I had to force them on the pins, which is a good thing under heavy recoil. Tightened em down on the grip spacer and they might as well be welded on. Thank you to whoever gave them to me. They've been very handy to have around.

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