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May 23, 2009
My "They're Coming for Me" thread got a few mentions of how to mess with these scammers. A lot of you have probably have heard of Tom Mabe. He has some real fun with scammers and telemarketers, this one's a classic.....

(A couple of mentions of the alternate name of a donkey are to be heard so if you're at work or around kids you might want to wait until later...)

Fox Mike

Nov 17, 2009
I find that generally they will ask "How are you today?" That is the opening line to drive them crazy. Before they can say another word hit them with. "You have NO idea how glad I am that you called. I really need to speak with someone before my feeling of impending suicide kicks in again. I...." . Click, as they hang up

bogus bill

Dec 25, 2009
Years ago I had a lady telemarketer call me and told me I had won a trip to Vegas or maybe it was Hawaii. I knew she was starting some scam and broke in and told her I couldn't go. She asked why and I started to cry and told her I was Paralyzed. Soon she was apologizing and crying too!

Ugly Hombre

Aug 2, 2014
I answer the phone in Chinese- that throws them off, then I ask their name, tell them their number has been logged and tell them to take me off the call list.

Wei? Wei? Bu hao!! take me off yer call list!!! ha ha!


Oct 31, 2009
I recorded the 3 beep tones (you can find them on the internet if you look) that indicates a line out of order or disconnected...when their computer rings your number it hears the 3 beep tones and disconnects and indicates that number is disconnected or out of does not pass the number on to the next list...we seldom get any robo calls any more....our friends know that if they wait for a couple of seconds after the beep tones that they will hear "please leave a number" ...they do and we call them back...if it's a "live caller" and they get the three beeps they usually hang right up before the voice mail message goes out but if they do happen to wait and get the "leave a message" comment they are so confused they leave a number but only on occasion.

If you want to do what I do...just grab the 3 tones for your outgoing message....then wait a while and say leave a number..if you absolutely want to kill all messages record the whole message and beeps from this link

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