Surprise Deer

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Apr 2, 2014
Bizarre start to my day today. Couldn't sleep so I finally gave up and got up a little after 4 this morning and decided instead of doing my long run tonight I'd
just go out this morning, it's dark either way. Really windy here and raining, crappy day but that's the way it goes. Part of my runs take me cross country along
the perimeter of corn and bean fields, good footing and enough ambient light to see enough without using a headlamp. Been out about a hour warmed up,
comfortable except for the wind really whipping. Notice what looked like a wet patch of ground ahead so moved over into the weeds along the fence line.
Felt my foot land on something "odd" and simultaneously the ground and weeds basically exploded....actually stepped on a deer that was bedded down.
Everything happened pretty quick, as I'm falling down something smacks be hard on my right leg and I ended up going down in the mud that I'd moved over to avoid,
took a second to realize what the hell happened. in the course of rolling up I managed to see maybe 8-10 shapes/deer blasting off into the fence row.
Don't know if the deer I fell over struck at me or just hit me getting away. Felt like a taking a puck off a good slap shot in an unpadded area, no real damage.
Figured nothing damaged so I got moving again, every thing shakes out ok, just really muddy and not raining hard enough to wash it all off.
Every things going ok and I got back on the roads and turned my flashing led reflectors on, running against basically no traffic. A local police car came by in the other lane and suddenly stopped ahead of me and backed up, hits me with those side leds on the light bar. She rolls the window down and asks me if I'm alright..."yup if you shut that
damn light off"... she didn't. She asked how come I was covered with mud if I'd fallen. Conversation was pretty funny....told her I hit a deer, next thing out of her mouth was
"where's you vehicle"? Explained that I personally ran into the deer, she was initially a bit confused as to how you step on a deer while running down the side of the road.
Got her to shut the stupid light off and convinced her do just drive along side so I could get moving before I froze to death. Now this is a suburban/rural area with lots
of deer. About the third thing she asked me was if it tried to bite me........not the brightest question I've ever heard. Then she's asking if I need a ride home or medical help.
" No I'm fine, only about 3 miles to my house" She drove by me at least three more times before I got home.
Just got in the garage as my wife is leaving for work..."WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU!!! " Told her the story. I didn't know it but the back of my coat and pants
were totally covered with mud, plus the whole left side. Must have scratched my left cheek a little cause the left side of my face and neck was all smeared up with
blood. My wife gave me a quick spray down in the garage before she went to work.
No real damage, tiny scratch on my face and a decent sized knot on the right quad with another on the right butt cheek. Only thing that makes sense is with the wind
blowing the deer didn't hear or smell me coming.
Apr 2, 2014
I'd have liked to be able to see it on video, all happened so quick that I'm not sure how I got kicked and don't really know how many deer were bedded down, it's still dark at 5:30. After getting home and seeing what I looked like I can understand the cops confusion, but asking if it tried to bite
me was extra special! The woman was really bewildered about where I may have left my car, asked me about three times ...."there is NO *&^%$# CAR"...."I tripped over the stupid deer in a field"! Once we got past that she finally caught on. Was pretty insistent about giving me a ride home, I was pushing hard and didn't have enough extra air to carry on a conversation so she finally gave up and told me to enjoy my shower when I got home.
Most of my runs are in the dark all winter and my main worry is always ice, never thought of tripping over a deer, hopefully the big coyote I
saw all summer manages to eat it, ought be easy to sneak up on.
Nov 30, 2022
Rain does that. Everything just hunkers down and listens to the pitter pat and tries to sleep through it. Leaves aren't rustling scents aren't carrying. One morning on my way to my stand around 3:30 I walked into an angry buck. I knew the way to my stand so I didn't have my light on. My hands were full with my chair and an unprimed muzzle loader. He confronted me rather aggressively snorting and blowing. I was waiting to be attacked before he slowly backed away before taking every deer within a mile with him. I was sure I was going to have to drop my stuff and pull my knife!!!
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Apr 2, 2014
Don't know if it tried to kick me or just got me while launching. Unknown if it was a buck or doe, basically just a flash of fur as I was headed
down. Looking at the knot on my leg I'm pretty sure it was a hoof, no damage other than a hematoma that's going to take a while to absorb.
My wife said it just looks like puck bruises, she found it highly amusing. Went downstairs this morning for a short stint on the stationary bike
and she'd tied a set of antlers that were on a shelf in the basement to the bikes handlebars.