Super Single Six help please

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Jun 18, 2001
Star Valley, WY
The "magnum marked" cylinder frames were use on the standard, drift rear sight Single-Sixes in the 300000 to roughly 345000 serial number range.

The Super Single-Sixes, with their fully adjustable rear sights, were never marked with anything but Ruger Single-Six roll dies.

There are some "magnum only" Super Single-Sixes but they are rather scarce and can basically only be identified via Factory conformation unless one has the original shipping carton which may contain the info. I dunno since I've not seen one.

I bet the RENE Ruger Reference covers the topic quite well......

Your "clues" point toward a convertible example that's missing it's LR cylinder. A "mag only" gun probably wouldn't have numbers on the mag cyl. unless it's been back to the Factory for some reason or another.

Value? Varies with passion. Shooter w/o the most popular LR cylinder..... $250 or so, IMHO.