Super Redhawk Mountig Slots

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Jan 31, 2010
NW Washington State
In a previous thread on my 22/45 "Great Eight" I got a response that triggered some new shooting of this fine pistol. I wanted to take a scope
that has Quick Disconnect Ruger Rings and put it on the 8. I found that the mount on the 8 had the cross slot at the back but my SRH had them at the front. ? What is going on here? I would ask if the forum has seen or has any idea why this would be? I thought, well, just drill another hole in the adapter and reverse it. Wrong, the plate on the 22 is relieved for ejection.
Any comments? What I am asking, the location of the cross locks is backwards from what I would think regarding recoil, the SRH is 9 1/2 44RMAG so why in the front? Wes-Ki-Mo

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