Strengthen Deerstalker stock?

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Jul 18, 2022
Long Island
I recently acquired a 60’s carbine International and its in very good condition with the exception of a crack in the common place with these .44’s forward of the mag well. It’s about 4.5” long and has been glues or epoxied. I ordered a new set of Wolff springs( magazine, recoil) in hopes of fresh recoil spring will absorb more of the thump then the 50+ year old spring but still looking for more protection as these stocks are near impossible to find
Question is, has anyone done or heard of strengthening the stock on the inside? I have a WWII M1 carbine that’s been repaired with a brass pin but I believe the wood on the Ruger is thinner and maybe not possible. I’ve done a good bit of searching but didn’t come up with anything else other then the usual epoxy fix, any suggestions welcomed. Thanks

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