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Sharp Shooter

Nov 24, 2005
Sure, I'm familiar with them. I like them, even though as blume357 said I think they're kinda on the lower end as far as stocks go.
By coincidence, just last week I put a Ramline stock (buttstock and forend) on an old Browning A-5 shotgun I was given. The stock that was on it had a crack in the wrist that I couldn't repair. Besides, the barrel was no good for steel shot anyway, so I decided to just make an upland game shotgun out of it. Heck, the Ramline for that A-5 only cost me $56.00 from Midway, and that included shipping.:D
I also have a Model 70 Winchester (.300 Win Mag) that I bought about 10 years back. It has a synthetic stock too, and I might be mistaken, but it sure looks like a Ramline stock. It's ugly, hollow sounding, and it seems to attract dust. But it works fine. And I actually think it flexes enough that it absorbs some of the recoil.
One thing you might want to think about though is that those hollow sythetic stocks can be difficult to shorten if they're too long to start with. My wife has a Ramline stock on a Model 70, .22-250, and she's a real small gal. I managed to shorten that stock for her, but it was a pain doing it. I ended up having to cut and sand down a piece of wood to fit precisely inside the buttstock. Then epoxy it in there. Otherwise I wouldn't have had anything to screw the buttplate to once I'd cut an inch off the stock. It worked, it was just more work for me than shortening a regular wood stock.