Stereotyping and worry for my grandsons

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Snake Pleskin

Mar 26, 2022
Aiken, South Carolina
Being 'white' does not exclude you from 'stereotyping or profiling'. Putting on a suit does not protect you from it either. So called societal norms dictate behavior. Racism is an easy way to discriminate or make you feel 'superior' to someone else, it gets a bit more difficult when there is no overt 'physical' feature to focus on. "I'm better or more important than ...." predates human society, and will be around for a long, long time! But, individuals should set the standard of acceptance!
The data does not lie. regardless of the liberal attempts to hide ,deny and spin black violence. For decades FBI data on their site, has shown that Blacks commit 87% of all violent crime in America. Those of you who refuse to understand this are liberal pukes living in denial and delusion. You can keep lying, but the data proves you wrong! over 900 killed inChicago, one city ,in 2021 by blacks. Explain that!
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