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Oct 20, 2009
Anyone else tried the Ruger SR-22... I bought one a few months back and have a lot of fun shooting it..It is very accurate with stingers.
Mar 24, 2002
Oregon City, Oregon
rgwarren":1p0t225i said:
Anyone else tried the Ruger SR-22... I bought one a few months back and have a lot of fun shooting it..It is very accurate with stingers.

Yep. Took mine to the range for the first time, last weekend. Seems to shoot just as good as all my other 10/22's. My fingers were froze, so I didn't do a whole bunch of range work with it, but I've gotta share a funny story.

My buddy Heliman, and I, stapled five, 8-1/2x11" targets to a 50-yard target board. I had never shot this gun, and I had recently mounted a scope to it.

Heliman was spotting for me. I picked a target, and as I shot, I was hitting the dirt, way left of the target board. Heliman told me I was way high, also.

So, I gave the windage and elevation turrets a couple of full spins in the appropriate direction, and I was finally pretty close to right on, with windage, but still high with elevation. Adjusted the scope down, a bunch more, and although I was finally getting closer, something was not quite right. We had a little conference on what might be going on, and figured we better walk to the targets and take a look.

While I was doing my best job of aiming at the top-left target, he was dialing me in on the bottom-center target. I was surprised that there would be that much adjustment on the scope! :lol:

Once we decided we'd both concentrate our efforts on the same target, things went pretty well as planned. We got a good laugh. Then, my fingers were about froze off, so figured we'd bag it for the day.

Oh...One more thing. Rings. I originally bought Leupold high rings for this gun. First time I looked thru the scope, I realized they weren't high enough. So, I put some extra high rings on it, and offhand, they were marginally high enough. But, when I shot this gun off the bench, these rings still were not high enough. This is the first time I've mounted optics on a tactical rail, so I've got some learnin' to do.



Dec 1, 1999
Yes... although when the SR-22 came out, I already had a Nordic 10/22 that I had built from the kit, so I didn't really need an SR-22, but...

Since I passed "need" a long time ago in my accumulations, I bought one anyway. My Nordic has an EOTech clone on board, so I decided to mount a scope on my SR-22. I went with a Centerpoint 4x-16x 40mm with the illuminated Mil-dot reticle and have been pleased with the rifle's performance. After a trigger job, it will shoot into less than an inch at 50 yards, as long as I am having a good day. :D