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Mar 21, 2009
Dayton, Wyoming

Up for sale is a left-hand Southern Mountain Rifle in .45 caliber 1x66 twist built by Doc White. When I asked Doc about a left-hand rifle for my wife a year ago, he advised that he had an excellent condition original G Goulcher left-hand lock available and could build her a custom rifle with a 33-inch barrel. Unfortunately, it took almost a year to get a decent stock and I received the rifle in late July of this year. As you can see by the pictures, the rifle is in excellent condition, new in fact, with a buttplate, nose piece, patchbox, single trigger as the lock does not have a fly, and a cheekpiece. The .820 diameter straight barrel and pipes are pinned and the triggerguard, screwed on. All metal is browned and I would estimate the weight at under 8 pounds. Doc signed is name of the barrel top near the rear sight.

I reached out to Doc shortly after it arrived, to get particulars about the makers of the trigger, stock, barrel and etc., only to find out that passed away on August 2. Doctor Gary White was the founder of the Green River Rifle Works and is well known as a muzzleloader inventor and builder of both modern and traditional rifle.

I am selling this unfired rifle because my wife did not want a SMR! My fault for not asking first. Price is just what I paid for it, $1900 with free shipping. I accept cash, MO and personal checks. No PayPal or trades. Contact me with any questions.

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