SPF Custom 58 Cal Hawken

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Mar 21, 2009
Dayton, Wyoming

Up for sale is a customized Western Arms Santa Fe Hawken rifle. When purchased, it was marked .54 caliber but in reality, used a .520 or .526 patched round ball. The rifle was originally produced by Uberti for Western Arms, who was sued by Winchester over the name and later had to change it to Allen Firearms. Leonard Allen sent Uberti an Ithaca Hawken or a custom rifle built with Cherry Corners parts as the prototype for this Hawken. The parts look just like the Cherry Corner parts that were once sold. This barrel is marked Western Arms Corp and Santa Fe, first year production with serial number 39 stamped on many of the parts, and a long rear sight base. Though well built, many considered the rifle to be blocky due to the shape of the forearm and wide lock panels. This is not the 1 in 1000 series rifle. Go here to learn more:

Uberti Santa Fe Hawken – GRRW Collector

I had the rifle bored out to .58 caliber by Bobby Hoyt with a 1X66 twist and deep lands and grooves for a patched round ball. The lock and triggers were re-worked by gunsmith John King and they are superb. He also checkered the hammer to make for surer cocking. A new oak ramrod with an iron tip, 10x32 thread, was installed and the wood around the lock panels were reshaped like an original Hawken rifle. The forearm was slimmed down to remove the blocky feeling and all parts refitted. The stock was finished with boiled linseed oil and the Walnut stock looks great. All steel parts are browned using LMF Browning Solution.

It has a 32" long barrel that is 1" across the flats. Breech and tang are the slanted patent style with the long pear-shaped tang. It has double-set triggers, German silver barrel key escutcheons and a pewter nose cap. Weight is about 9 pounds with LOP of 14.5". The LOP fits me well at 5'10"; remember, you shoot these from the joint between the arm and shoulder. I have not fired the rifle since it was re-bored.

The rifle has a few rub marks from sitting the safe, but is like new in all respects. I am not into half-stock rifles, so I am selling it for $1200, with free shipping. That is about the price of just the parts from TOW. I accept cash, MO and personal checks. No electronic payments or trades. Contact me with any questions. Thanks.

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