SP101 Weight?

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Feb 6, 2010
Hello All,
Lurker from the S-W Forum here...1st post. I've got a S&W 4" M66 which I love. I've got a S&W 1-7/8" M649 J frame Bodyguard which I also love. I'm looking for something in between. The M66 is heavier than I want and the M649 is only .38 caliber. I'd like a lighter .357 and I'm thinking the SP101 is the right choice. I want something to wear during big game hunting trips and during days hiking, riding motor cycles, cutting firewood, etc. in the woods.

Can you tell me what a 3" SP101 weighs empty please?

Thanks in advance...


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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Welcome to the Forum!
As mentioned above,, the catalog says 27 oz's. I was gonna go get Miss Penny's 3" SP & weigh it,,, but it's back in her truck already tonight. We had it out shooting today.


Oct 25, 2008
Arizona Wilderness
Northrunner -

Welcome! You came to the right place to ask Ruger questions. :D

Love my S&W revolvers.

But when I found a used 3" SP101 a few months ago, it became my favorite for pocket and bedside use.

Now my S&W Mod 638 is guarding the inside of the gun safe. :roll:

Just for fun last year I used the 638 in our local Bullseye matches (informal 20-yard National Match Course) and shot in the 250's. Since I found that used SP101 I've used it a few times and shot in the 270's/280's.

Either gun works OK for the Slow Fire stage, but for timed- and rapid-fire, the SP101 does far better for me.

Although I don't intend to ever kill any more of God's little furry critters, having taken deer-sized animals with revolvers in .41 Mag and .44 Mag (in several states), I would not feel "under gunned" using the SP101 in an emergency situation for hunting (if I could use my reloads).

Yes, the SP101 is listed at 27 oz and is noticeably heavier than my S&W638. But since either will fit nicely in a jacket or vest pocket and the SP101 is more versatile, my pick for daily carry is the SP101.