Some things a guy has to do even if it hurts

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Dec 25, 2007
Yesterday I got a good start on some little jobs in the barn before it got hot. Son called and said he was coming over to shuffle some equipment around to access a combine grain head he was selling, move a planter, and some other stuff. After all that he had set up a little get together with a neighbor who just happens to have a trap range. The 'boys' shot a couple of rounds, we burned some hot dogs, and I showed off with my 22 a bit. With dark coming in fast, the boys wanted to shoot another round so I pulled for them. They were hitting about 50% especially on the birds that didn't go high enough to clear the horizon. When they were finished and well into dusk, I asked if Grandson had 3 shells left. I fudged a bit by taking the mark directly behind the trap house but those targets were DARNED hard to follow regardless. 3 shots was all my shoulder would tolerate but all 3 targets broke. I really wanted to keep shooting but knew I would pay dearly over the next few days.
I handed the gun back to Grandson, cleaned up the table and went home. Don't push a good thing, right.


Oct 18, 2012
just think.....get your chores done a couple days early, and come 4hrs south and be with the ruger gang for a 2 day shoot. I mean, ya got all this strength and stamina, there are things a guy just has to do, like blast 250 rounds and camp out and let us do all the chores! 22-23 oct. :>


Oct 6, 2007
Yep. Know your limits and figure graceful ways to get out of exceeding them. Glad to hear you got some quality time with family. Your grandkids will remember and tell stories about how Grandpa showed them how to shoot well by mumbling 'ouch' after each shot.
Nov 15, 2005
I took my brother a few years ago to my gun club on a skeet shooting day and he shot for about an hour... I've never done it... have not shot a shot gun for 46 years... but when my brother got through my shoulder hurt from watching all those guys shoot.