some pictures from my hunt

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Dec 20, 2007
Well, of my hike. I saw one doe on the mountain and was the only person in my party to see anything, so I have a little hesitation calling it a hunt.
We got some snow on Wednesday, which was good to get the elk moving, would have been better had we got it on Thursday or Friday. Friday night it got down to 9 degrees in the four corners, not sure what it was on the mountain, probably a little closer to 0. All I know it was COLD in the tent.
Saturday (opening day) it warmed up in the 50's. All the elk that got moving in the snow headed back to the deep pockets and hard to find. The bright moon also didn't help matters. We found many elk beds up high, but they headed down the steep slope before daybreak. At any rate it it was good to get out of Denver for a couple weeks.
Baldy Mountain is one of the most beautiful places to hike. If the forest service hadn't put a lock on the cabin I might just be moving in.
my pictures can't even come close to doing it justice.



My ugly mug at the cabin above Cabin Spring.

We came off the mountain on Tuesday and hunted my uncle's place Wednesday and Thursday trying to fill our buck tags. We were hoping to get my nephew a shot on his first buck but it didn't happen. we pushed them around but couldn't get a shot. We spooked a real nice buck to Dad so we didn't end the season empty handed, but one deer out of four elk tags and two deer isn't the best success, but I will have some meat in the freezer. I didn't get pictures of it unfortunately. It was a 5x5, I would estimate it dressed out close to 200lbs. We had 130lbs hanging at the butcher. The deer on my uncle's feed on apples and grass hay so they are very good eating.
I did get a picture of a doe and her twins. I walked right up on them and they didn't care that I was there. I took the picture and went on my way and they went on theirs.