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Elfego El Gato

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Mar 17, 2008
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RULE NUMBER 1: Treat others as you expect to be treated. Be respectful!

2. Keep it civil and respectful or posts/threads will be locked or deleted at the mods' discretion.

3. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Nor will whining, crying, or dead horse beating.

4. You are a guest here. Act accordingly. As a guest you are entitled to exactly what you paid to join.

5. Moderators are here to keep order. When a mod takes action (for example, deleting posts, moving or locking a thread), it is inappropriate to question that action in the public forum. Any questions, comments, objections, or suggestions should be made via PM to a mod, who will respond as they see fit.

6. Threads must be posted in the appropriate forum. Off-topic threads will be moved to the forum most appropriate to them, or deleted if no such forum exists.

7. Ruger Forum membership is a privilege, not a right. Membership is at the sole discretion of the forum administrators.

8. The exit is always open. Some people choose to leave, some are escorted out.

9. Users who have been banned may appeal to the forum admin for reinstatement of their account.

10. Banned users registering under new accounts/usernames will have all related accounts deleted.

11. Users posting under multiple accounts/usernames will have all related accounts deleted.

12. Every rule on this list boils down to two simple ideas: Use common sense and be respectful. If you can't or won't abide by these rules, then expect your stay here to be brief.

13. The mods' act in consultation with one another and serve as advisors to the forum administrators. Situations are dealt with as they arise at the discretion of the administrative team.

14. The members are the reason Ruger Forum is the best forum on the 'Net. If you're not here to make a positive contribution, then please do us all a favor and just move on.

That's it: Act like an adult, be respectful, use common sense. Pretty simple, really, don't ya think?

On a related note:

There has been an awful lot of thinly veiled profanity (e.g. using a dollar sign for the letter "s," or replacing the letter "i" with an exclamation point) cropping up in the forum lately. As adults, certainly few of us are shocked that such language might be used among ourselves. However, this is a family friendly forum and the use of such language is inappropriate, as we all want to portray RF in its best light. Therefore, avoid the use of "thinly veiled profanity" altogether.

We all learned that only ignorant, small-minded people have to use such language and that people who use such language are probably ignorant and small-minded. Sure, sometimes we want to heighten what we say with strong language, but context is always important. After all, you wouldn't use such language at work or in front of your grandma, now, would you?

Note that this means that anything that is "NSFW" is not acceptable here.

This is a friendly reminder. Profanity is inappropriate on RF. Please, use clean language and we can all enjoy RF as the family friendly place that it is meant to be.

Thank you.


Oct 11, 1999
I'll add a few:

15. Try to post a "Subject" entry that gives other members some indication of what the thread is about without having to open it.

16. Do not create multiple threads about the same topic.

17. Don't post blind links with no other information as to what/where the link is going or it's content.

18. If you insist on reposting something you got in an email forward, take a look around the forum and make sure it's not already here. (once, twice or fourteen times already. Same goes for "news" posts.) When you do, do us all a favor and clean it up after you copy and past. (remove all the >>>'s and ----'s) :lol:

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