SOLD SOLD Reloading equipment Winter Clean out: RCBS RS single stage press, Dillon Scale, Etc.

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Jan 10, 2012
WTS RCBS RS single stage press, Dillon Scale, Loading Block, RCBS Lube & primer flipper.

I am selling the items as a package. Just the basics. Perfect for a beginner. Both methods of reloading are present in this package: Progressive and Single stage.

Included in the package:

1) RCBS reloading press, Vintage unit, in excellent working order. original finish is in excellent condition . The priming arms and auto prime mount, no tubes, small and larger primer plugs: not pictured.
This O press uses a standard shellholder that are currenty used on Lee, Lyman, RCBS, Etc.
If I find more spares for this press. I will include them free.

2) Dillon scale it is complete and in excellent working order. However, the scale hanger and pan is missing. I lost it during a move. Parts are available through dillon. This is a current Ohaus unit so parts are available. Hangers and pans are universal so RCBS and other brands will work. They are also available through ebay at minimal cost.
Never really had a reason to buy these parts since I have a few scales. In fact I have used the Hanger and pan from my RCBS 5-0-5 with no issues.

3) Hand loading tools:
Yellow Loading Block
NOS RCBS Primer Flipper
NOS RCBS bottles of Case Lube

4) Speer Reloading Manual

I have a number of dies available as an option for this package. Available for an extra. These are older dies manufactured around 1970's and 80's. All are in excellent working order.

a) RCBS 38/357 Carbide 3 die set with shell holder. $40
b) RCBS 44 Special/Magnum Steel dies with shellholder: $30
c) RCBS Colt Carbide Die set with Shell holder: $40

Buying options:
Asking $100 plus shipping for the press, scale , manual and accessories
$200 plus shipping for everything listed

I believe I can cram everything in a large usps flat-rate priority box.

Free delivery is possible if you are in between Vallejo and San Mateo. Once a week I am in Milpitas.

I can meet you during my daily commute.

Located in Vallejo CA 94589

If you are reading this ad, the item is still available.

I do not mind mailing items. Shipping charges will be the buyer's responsibility.


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