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Oct 8, 2022
New Hampshire
Just picked up my friend's rifle to get some answers for you guys. The LOP (length of pull} from the trigger face to the stock toe measures 12 3/4" which indicates it may have been cut. As the pictures show, the right side of the receiver is discolored/missing blue/patinaed but smooth. No surface rust. There is no barrel discoloration/scratches or rust. There is only one (1) magazine and bluing is missing from the bottom of it. The ammo pictured will not be part of the sale as it cannot be shipped with the rifle. It may be shipped separately. Bore and mechanical function is perfect. If someone wishes to make a REASONABLE offer in a PM, I'll pass it on to the owner.
Its the perfect NE deer rifle. Hornady loads some really high performance ammo. Usually easy to find in Maine.