SOLD Sold: Bowen custom single six 22lr

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Dec 2, 2021
Tyler TX
Hello. I'm offering my Hamilton Bowen single six. This was a longhunter rimfire package. Custom barrel, line bored custom cylinder, pinned front sight, Bowen target rear sight, blocked action (note 3 screws on side of frame), Bowens own base pin. I did not commission this work and do not have work receipts or box. The grips are Bar S Tru ivory fit very well. I don't think Bowen round butts guns, so that might have been done before or after the overhaul. The ejector rod is checkered, not sure if part of Bowens work or not. The chambers and cylinder to frame fit are very tight and excellent. I think a scope would get great accuracy from this gun. This is a slick gun but nobody I know well locally understands what distinguishes this from a regular single six. I'm including the foral carved Simply Rugged 120 that I had made for the gun. Only worn to the range a couple times with minimal wear.
I'm asking $1500 plus shipping. Probably around $50. Will ship from a local FFL to your FFL. I can send more images privately. I have commissioned custom work to pay for so looking to sell. But am open to intriguing trades. I collect Marlin lever guns. 39s, 1893, 1894 favorites. 45 colt is my favorite cartridge. Seeking S&w 25 45 colt variations also.
This is my first attempt to sell here. I can get references if needed. Definitely need to talk on phone with interested parties. Thank you for looking.


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