**SOLD** - Basic Leather Holster for up to 5.5" Blackhawk

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Apr 1, 2013
I received a right handed, pretty basic hand-made leather holster with a low riding 32"-34" belt/harness in a recent trade, but since I am left handed, I unfortunately can't utilize it. The condition is really quite good for what it is - no marks or stains with solid build quality and thick, supple leather construction. I tested it and it fits nicely and snugly large framed BH/SBH/Vaqueros and it also fit a Single Six, a medium frame Flattop, and new Vaqueros with up to 5.5" barrels - though a hammer loop or a couple extra stitches would be nice for security purposes on the smaller frame revolvers (and just for descriptive purposes, the bottom of the holster is fully open so a 6.5" BH and a 7.5" SBH even fit - the barrels just came out the bottom). It fit a 4 5/8" Blackhawk (that the holster came with) the best. The holster is, of course, detachable from the belt/harness and though it seems it would work just fine as a packing holster, I figure the unit might have been the makings of someone's cowboy action rig and could be easily worked on and spruced up a bit into a fairly nice holster if someone so desired.

Anyway, I don't know what it might be worth? Lets say $25 shipped. Thankx. SOLD