So, I won an auction last night...

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Mar 17, 2005
I really was watching the .357 Maximum Blackhawk on the Morphy's auction, but didn't want to incur the cost of starting to get into .357 Maximum at this point, given the cost of what I'd need to feed it. However, there was another one on that auction that really held my interest and called to me.

So, I've always liked these pistols and my buddy has a wartime model that is very fun to shoot. I was able to find a post-war model in an online auction.

It's a Walther P38. I think the stamp on it says made in 1973. Here are pics from the auction:
P38 L

P38 R

The auction ended last night and I may have overpaid a bit, but still am very happy. Now, I just need to figure out how to pay the invoice and schedule the time to pick it up. Strangely enough, when the auction ended, it didn't come right up with the invoice to make the payment...I did provide my CC info upon registering, so maybe today, they'll charge it.

This is officially the first gun in the last 4 years (14 guns) that I've bought that *wasn't* a Ruger...

I'll post a report on what I find when I finally do get it, and soon after (I hope), a range report.



Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Nice snag! Those are fun guns.

But,, for me,, it'd be hard to pass a deal on a .357 Maxi. But hey,, I'm a sucker for them.

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