So I just bought this Brand New BH/Range report.

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Sep 1, 2008
SW Ohio
First off, I got it brand new for under $400 out the door. The finish has more to be desired, and Im still getting used to the NM set up. I have an original Colt, and it was different at first, but this is the first single action I fired and instantly fell in love. The thing (4 inch barrel) is a tack driver. It shoots a little high at 7yrds, but for the first time shooting it, I was able to put two groups in an area I could cover with my hand, thats pretty good for me. But, right out of the box its shoots to POA.

Also, Brought the 45LC trapper out. It is surprisingly accurate. Shooting off hand, standing, no bench or rest, my father was able to put two groups using iron sights, at 25yrds in a group the size of my hand. Fairly impressive if you ask me, we are not pros by any since of the word. The trapper also shot a little high. We were using Intermax (sp) its a red box for cowboy action shooting, so could be the ammo. Very pleased with the Trapper. I think they were made to be shot out at 50-100yrds. All in all it was a good day to be at the range with my father before I ship out, even though it was 5 degrees real feel.
Mar 24, 2002
Oregon City, Oregon
I'm interested in knowing what you bought, too.

And, I assume you're no longer interested in what I offered. It is okay to say, thank you, I'm not interested.

And, whatever your "ship out" situation is...Good luck.