Single Six .17hmr range results..

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Sep 22, 2006
First outing with the new 5.5" stainless Single Six .17hmr:

Distance: 15yds measured
Rest: Rolled towel (crude)
Sights: Open iron
Ammo: Remington Accutip-V boat tail 17gr
Weather: 82 degrees, clear with no wind
Targets: 3" Shoot 'n See

It took me about 3 cylinders full to get setteld in, then I tried for some good groups. Most groups ran about 1 3/4" with 2 excellent groups of 1 1/16" and a mere 5/8"!!. These were the best of the day. I did the "Poor Boys" trigger job, and the trigger has no detectable creep, and left-off is crisp. I'm really impressed with this gun, and I'm convinced it will do better. The .17hmr is alot of fun from a revolver, giving a pop close to that of a .38 special.

Next time out I'll try a better rest setup. I limit my group shooting to 15yds due to my aging eyes, and to be fair to the guns capabilities. Also CCI .17 (2550fps) will be used for comparison.

The Remington ammo seemed really dirty, leaving quite a mess after 50rds; hopefully the CCI will be cleaner burning.


Ale-8(1)":2v1g7fx0 said:
Federal, Hornady, and Remington are all loaded by CCI, so it will be interesting to see any differences in performance.

All loads mentioned above perform almost exactly the same in my CZ model 452 rifle (for all practical purposes) and pretty much hold the same zero in the scope which is nice.

Here's a target shot off a bipod @ 100 yds
2 shots of Federal (2 far right holes)
3 shots of Hornady (3 middle holes)
2 shots of Remington (left 2 holes ... tight grouping on these loads w/my CZ)