Simple Math Question On National Holiday

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Jan 15, 2007
The Sticks---N.W. Orygun
It sounds like everyone is in agreement that the new holiday that was celebrated by a few last week, was mostly just another great "woke" idea. Maybe one of you guys that has some time on your hands could do the math for the rest of us.

How many Federal employees are there in this country?
Need to include mail carriers, to FBI agents, to every politician using up oxygen, and even their aids and interns, and as far reaching as prison guards, air traffic control people, TSA people. Just how many are there?

Average days wage of federal employee?
This will be tough because the over paid scuzz in DC is making much more that the privates in basic training, but there must be some sort of figure that can be used.

Now do the math.
Just exactly how many dollars were added to the national debt last Wednesday so that a small portion of the population could feel warm and fuzzy for a day, while the rest of the population paid the bill.
Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
I almost made a very inappropriate joke... and most of you know how liberal I am... if I had, some of my 'other' friends might have seen or heard about it and I would have been in big trouble.

It was going to be a counter to the money lost by how much was spent on certain food items...(originally I listed some of those but decided to delete that part before I posted this)

everybody needs to lighten up... on both sides of the fence.....

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