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Apr 9, 2024
I'll start by saying that if I had read a few posts online before buying I would NOT have bought this rifle. That said here is my SFAR story that may help others.

I bought an SFAR and, based on excellent previous experience with numerous Ruger firearms, I sprayed it with some CLP and went to the range. Disaster. Every single round jammed. Massive jam. Total failure to extract. Spent casing was stuck in chamber necessitating a cleaning rod down the barrel to open the bolt. Every single round!
This was only Magtech M80 ball 7.62 and one magazine that came with the gun.

At that point I felt it was my fault because I had really not inspected or cleaned and lubed it properly before going to the range. So I brought it home, cleaned, lubed and went back to the range with 3 different types of ammo and 3 different magazines.

Disaster again. Same result. Called Ruger and they said send it in so I did. I just got it back and I have not been back to the range yet. But they "say" that they put in a new BCG and "tightened" the gas block. I don't think the BCG was the issue but we'll see.
As for the gas block, well OK maybe I guess but either way boy did they tighten the gas block set screws. Completely stripped and rounded. Good luck if I ever want/need to take the gas block off. Also now the gas block is canted off to the side and hitting the handguard where it was not before. Great.

They said they fired 20 rounds of Hornady ammo and it worked fine. Maybe, but if all I can shoot is expensive ammo through thing then it is not for me. I wanted this because it was an AR platform, not a 1000yd target gun. I want something that can shoot most ammo out there that is in spec ie factory ammo of that caliber.

After reading posts online I see that numerous other people have the same issue regarding the chamber not being in proper spec causing expanding casings to get stuck. Some even having bottom of case ripped off. They said nothing about addressing the improper chamber spec on my rifle. Maybe they did but just didn't write it on the sheet. I don't know yet.

I ran a few rounds through manually and it seems that Federal functions smooth but the Magtech still seems to hang a bit but less than before. Maybe the fixed the chamber? Going to the range next week but if they did not address the chamber I'm not hopeful. At $1 per "test" round this is getting expensive to diagnose.

I have had numerous Rugers over the years and I have never ever had a problem with any of them ever. Never had to deal with customer service before so I could not even tell you how they are. This gun is a real disappointment. And the "repair" is terrible. Striped screws, canted gas block hitting handguard, not to mention the box and packaging they sent it back in, and not even saying that they addressed what I think is the real issue, the chamber.
I fear I am going to have to send this back again for the chamber after the next range trip and after reading others posts, I'm not sure they will address the chamber at all. Overall very sad for a once great company.
But I'll report back after the next trip. Maybe I'll be lucky.
Mar 6, 2023
Gorham, Maine
You aren't the first and you won't be the last. The SFAR is a fail, period. Many threads about it. Several on here may disagree and suggest making umpteen changes to make it work great. The fact is there are much better options out there that are tried and proven. Ruger customer service is one of the best however the QC has really taken a dive since covid.


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Jan 16, 2008
There's a history of them here …

Dec 25, 2007
Yes, this subject has been covered in great detail. :unsure:
That maybe doesn't help you or improve your situation but might give you something to study or try in order to make your SFAR functional.