Semi-Annual Meet and Greet/Show 'n Tell

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Mar 24, 2002
Oregon City, Oregon
Yearly or more, Heliman and I travel half way to Boise to meet Bear Paw Jack and McKnight77 in Pendleton Oregon. We did so a week ago. As always, it was a great visit.

After our lunch, we go to our cars for an impromptu snow 'n tell. I told Bear Paw Jack, this time I'm gonna dive to the back of my safe, and find some stuff that I've not seen for quite some time. Even years. Problem is, we get to BS-ing in the restaurant for so long, we run out of time and our parking lot gun show is cut short.

Since I got this stuff out, not to waste the opportunity, I figured I'd take advantage of a photo-op.

And this one, hadn't even been in the safe yet. Bought it along the way at a gun store in The Dalles Oregon. Interesting, there's none in any store close to me, none that I've found online, but a small store in rural Oregon had two.:)

Bear Paw Jack

Dec 19, 2001
Alaska, Idaho USA
I look forward to these [H1]Meet and Greet/Show 'n Tell[/H1] every year. One thing you can count on, is that Wayno brings out the good stuff. I only brought out 5 Rugers. We did sit and tell stories during lunch for quite a while. None of us was expecting the rain that started just as we were leaving the restaurant and head to the trucks. It's always a good time to visit with these guys and at our age there are a lot of good stories. At our combined ages of 285 years you know there is a great number of life experiences that result in great stories.