SCOTUS – Vermont – Rhode Island – Washington - Delaware Updates

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Gary Slider

Nov 23, 2007
West Virgiinia
SCOTUS has overturned New York’s May Issue laws. It will be awhile before NY and most likely the other May Issue states update their laws and issuing regulations for issuing Permit/Licenses. All the states that are May Issue have very limited places off limits and will most likely follow what DC did and have a huge list of places we will be unable to carry even under their new Shall Issue Laws/Regulations.

Vermont Governor has signed a bill that updates their Magazine Ban Statute Per Bill S 4 which now allows for bringing higher cap mags into the state by non-residents for shooting matches. As passed by the Senate Official.pdf

Rhode Island Governor has signed S2653 and companion bill H6614 which bans magazines that can hold over 10 rounds. Residents have 6 months to meet the requirements in the new law.

Washington The Governor has signed a Magazine Ban. Residents that have these mags can keep them but can’t buy/sell or bring any more into the state. Non-Residents can’t bring in any mags holding over 10 rounds. Bills/5078-S.E.pdf?q=20220305140501

Delaware has passed a bill but the Governor has not signed it yet but is expected to. This bill bans higher capacity magazines over 17 Rounds. is in the middle of updating most of the documents on the site to upload July 1. Indiana is going Permitless Carry and several other states have changes in their Statutes that are effective July 1. There is just a lot of work for all these changes. So none of the above changes will be added until July 1 or when they become effective.

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