Scope on a vaquero?

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Has any one mounted a scope on a vaquero. I have a 7.5 in 44 mag that I have been thinking about finding someone to mount a scope on it. I thought it would be the perfect pig gun. Or should I just sell it or trade for a blackhawk hunter or red hawk?


Aug 4, 2000

I am not sure how you would mount a scope on a Vaquero without some real gunsmithing (drill & tap at a minimum).

The mounts for Blackhawks are usually designed to utilize the adjustable rear sight mount in the frame in one manner or another. These mounts also are fitted to the flat section of the frame on a Blackhawk. I don't know of ANY company building a base that clamps to the curved top of a Vaquero frame.

Not saying it can't be done, just think it would take machine work to do so. You would be far ahead of the game dollar wise to buy a Blackhawk with after-market mounts or better yet, the Blackhawk Hunter.


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Sep 18, 2002
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The above advice is solid. The expense of having a custom job of mounting the scope would most likely cost you about the same as a new Blackhawk. (Drill & tap, custom built base for rings etc.) So,, why not buy a Blackhawk? Plus the value of the Vaquero would be destroyed.
If I wanted a scoped SA revolver,, I'd just buy a companion to the Vaquero, in the form of the Blackhawk,, and be able to use both as my needs dictated.