Santa Rides A Harley

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Jeff Hoover

Feb 25, 2009
When riding in the cold, the first thing you feel is the stinging on your face. The stinging then turns into a warm glow, then numbness. Usually, your eyes start to water, as a defense mechanisim , to prevent your eyes from drying out. As I get older, my days riding in the cold are fewer, as the years go by. Arthritis is the main culprit to this. However, no matter how cold it is, there is one special day, I will always ride, God willing. That is our Annual Santa ride. Traditionally, our Departments motor officers have always collected money, thru raffle tickets, and just plain donations, and given the money to Childrens Hospital, but more recently, the Childrens Inn, at NIH.

The Childrens Inn, is for those children , who either have such a rare disease, the Doctors want to study them, or, children, who standard treatment has not worked, and they are willing to try experimental treatment. Either way, a very sad situation. But, the Inn provides shelter, and HOPE for the children, and involved families. Out of town families stay at the Inn. The money raised by our motor officers goes towards feeding these families, when their children are being treated, and away from home. We are told, it is a great distraction , and welcomed sight , for the the kids, to see Santa, rolling up on a Harley, with his reindeer, and elves, also riding.

It's a long day, going to all the police stations, fire houses, county office buildigs, etc., collecting the money. We started at 0900 hrs., and arrived at the Children's Inn at 1730 hrs. Seeing all the kids faces light up, and the parents, happy to see their children smiling and laughing, thru the midst of treatment, is heart warming, as the special motorcade pulls up, sirens blaring, lights flashing, Santa has arrived ! It's usually about this time, when the older motormen, looking like overstuffed burritoes, in their leather gear, get quiet, with a small grin on their faces, and their eyeball defense mechanism kicks in , and lacrimal fluid slowly rolls down frozen cheeks.

Santa then dismounts, and enters the Inn, to his special chair. Each child that wants to, sits on Santas lap, and tells them what they want. It's a very warm, heart wretching event. One that I am proud to partake in every year, and hope to continue. It's a great precursor to Christmas, and something that really gets one in the TRUE spirit of the Holiday Season !


Santa, getting ready to leave.


Me and Santa, at one of the stops.


Santas mode of transportation


Santa arrives at the Inn.


Santa, in his chair.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night !


Sep 26, 2006
Pocatello, Idaho
Jeff, I was looking at cameras Monday afternoon, and they didn't have any with enough capacity for a shot with me in it. You would need snow tires on your cycle here in Idaho now. Steve


Mar 13, 2009
Conway, SC
Our local Toy Run is this coming Saturday morning and the high for the day is supposed to be 42 degrees. The older I get, the less fun the cold weather is, but I can put up with it for the kids.

Jeff, Motgomery County where?


Aug 20, 2006
soda springs, idaho
Jeff, thats some pretty special stuff you guys are doing, I would love to see those kids eyes when you show up with the goodies!
Hope you & your wife & daughter have a wonderful holiday, thanks for the photo's.



Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Jeff, that is one great way to kick off Christmas. As always,, you have some great pics to go with the best of the memories. Thanks for sharing this,,, AND for what ALL of y'all do.