Sand Mountain Alabama Motorcycle Ride

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Sep 13, 2015
Hampton, GA
Number9 said:
Rook said:
I used to live in Jasper, TN and worked at TVA's Widow's Creek Steam Plant near Stevenson, AL which was down on the Tennessee River side of Sand Mountain. I used to drive over Sand Mountain quiet often back then.

I would buy a ticket to watch the rioters coming to Sand Mountain to loot. That would be something to see. :lol: :lol:

I used to live in Jasper, TN(9yrs) and worked at Bellefonte NP in Holywood, AL.

I lived in Jasper from '91 to '97 while I was working at Widows Creek. I really liked that area except when you needed something or when you wanted to go out to eat you had to drive to Chattanooga to do it.

I did a little work on all the nuclear plants when I first went to work for TVA back in the early 70s. I was working in the offices in Knoxville back then.

I was on site at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant back in '85 revising some pipe hanger drawings and I remember driving back home to Knoxville every Friday night and sitting at that one traffic light they had there in Holywood, AL on Hwy 72 at midnight with nothing coming in either direction. It was temping to run it but I knew that one cop they had in that town was probably hiding close by just waiting on someone to run it. :D