S&W SD-9 2.0

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Jan 4, 2004
OK, I had absolutely no need for this gun, but for $299 for a brand new S&W pistol, I just couldn't pass it up. Have only shot 50 rounds through it so far, but it really seems like a pretty decent gun. Never missed my steel plate, and 100% reliable. I know 50 rounds aint much, but going to have to wait until the weather co-operates to really wring it out. Biggest complain I have is it only ships with one mag. I couldn't figure out how they sold them cheaper than the originals, but this one is made in TN, not MA, so I am sure the labor is quite a bit cheaper!


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Apr 29, 2023
Arbutus, Maryland
The SD 9 & 40 are both well made budget pistols for the price. You can do upgrades on the pistol also like a stainless steel spring and guide, sights etc. A few years ago the were offered in both flat dark earth frame and black slide. I wished I had bought one of each. I have the S&W M&P 9 & 40 4" barrel both in flat dark earth frame and slide with night sights from the factory. Both are nice $500 for each that was a good buy for me they with both special editions. Saw both at a gun show a few weeks ago both were marked $700 each.
Dec 19, 2001
Alaska, Idaho USA
I've got a pre 2.0 and had it for a long time. They have a great reputation for being reliable and at the price it's hard to beat. The trigger isn't the best but, so what. It's not a target pistol although it shoots fine and makes a fine personal defense firearm with just a rough enough grip to get a great hold, and you will be hard pressed to find a better 16 + 1 shooter for the price. Waiting for a local shop to get the 2.0 version in and you can bet I will own one. On the pro side the newer model is supposed to have a better trigger, on the con side, to get to that price, you only get 1 magazine. I don't care, I have extras anyway. The ergonomics are as good as any gun I handle.