Rust in a NIB Ruger

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Jul 2, 2009
On the Border
An acquaintance of mine picked up a NIB KS-47NHNN recently that came from Davidson's. Everything was great except that there was rust in the forcing cone. :shock: I checked the gun out and everything was perfect except for that and copper fouling in the bore from Ruger's test shot(s). This puzzled me why there would be rust only in the forcing cone on a NIB stainless gun. :? I ran some patches with G96 CLP through the bore and nothing red came out. Not having a bore brush with us he elected to shoot it & shoot it we did. After about 18 rds. or so I removed the cylinder to gawk and it appeared as if it was gone. I have a Brownell's forcing cone reamer kit and thought about offering to do it, however he is not a reloader and never shoots cast so I didn't mention it.

This is perplexing as to why only in the forcing cone. :? I examined it VERY carefully thinking my bifocaled peepers were confusing the issue with copper but it was definitely corrosion.

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