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Jan 4, 2004
Shame they didn't proof-read the article, grammatical errors take away so much.
Not sure every one is factual, but they make good copy.
-The AR15 was born in 1957 with the rights to manufacturing it sold to Colt in 1959. While Armalite may have approached Bill Ruger in some valid manner, he'd not even produced a rifle at that time, being a handgun-only maker & zero military-contract experience? WBR had foresight & amazing business acumen and I have trouble imagining he would pass up such an opportunity on his worst day...
I have never read about WBR considering AR15 design/production at that time. Max might have inside info of course, which has not been printed prior? Considering Bill's practice of "improving" existing designs, it could be fun to imagine what we might have ended up with in the end?

- The opinion of the 480 Ruger being "somewhat obscure..." is way off base. The .2240 triple-neck is obscure - the 480 Ruger is common and viable and available, not to mention being waaayyy better engineered than most 20th century hunting cartridges.
- The quip of "$50,000.00 later, Sturm, Ruger & Company was born." is so inaccurate and inadequate, it must have been edited from meaningful origin by someone else?

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