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Apr 3, 2009
People's Republik of California
Remove ejector rod housing.
Caution: heavily tape and protect the front sight and front of frame from errant file strokes.

If you don't have a belt sander, draw file it with a medium mill file with full strokes from end to end to keep the barrel straight. File above and below the writing so a flat spot is not created. Fine mill file as you get close to all removing the writing.

Check barrel with a straight edge. Any wallows will really show up after buffing/polishing.

After belt sanding or filing, clamp gun in a vise. Use 400 girt paper, 800, 1000, and 1500 last. Use like a shoe shine rag around 180 degrees of the barrel to restore it's roundness. Power buff with a soft cotton wheel using stainless steel rouge, the white stuff.

If you don't have a power buffer, final sand with 2000 grit paper wrapped around a soft eraser going up and down the barrel until all the sand marks from the 1500 grit paper shoe shine strokes are completely gone. Finish up with a worn piece of 2000 until you get a luster/semi shine. Polish with Mothers mag wheel polish or equivalent like Flitz or Semi-chrome, etc.

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