Ruger Super Single Six

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Dec 29, 2021
I recently inherited an Old Model Single Six with a conversion kit. Catalog No. SC5 Serial 571238
It has the original box, additional barrel and trigger kit as well as instructions and a wax paper it came in.

I do not know much about the model. Wondering the history of it and its value
Dec 11, 2002
that sounds like a nice adjustable sight model made in 1969, the last of the old models before they put the #60 prefix on the serial number...I think you meant an "extra cylinder" not a barrel,,,,thus it would be a convertible.....just keep the old model lockwork, came in a sealed plastic bag, together with the gun, will help keep the "value" in place....when you say box, is it a two piece ( telescoping) black box with a red end label?? sometimes when they got sent in for the safety update, they came back in a one piece, foldup yellow box with a black end....nice gun and welcome to the forum,,,,Happy new Year to you also........ 8) :roll: :wink:

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