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Nov 13, 2009
I would like to pass along my experience with the Ruger 556 so far .

Out of the box ( nice packaging , Nice case ) I liked what I saw.

I gave it a bath and a good once over. My first disappointment was the

upper to lower fit was very sloppy , for being built by Ruger from the ground up I expected

a nice tight or at least snug fit. I was happy with the rest of the fit and finish.

Before I even fired the first round I reconfigured it to my favorite accessories

and a new Nightforce NSX 2.5 x 10 x 32 I was itching to mount,

I chose my favorite high 30 mm rings from TSR " W " that are just high enough

to accommodate the nice Iron sights Ruger includes , under the scope for backup.

I also installed US optics fold away sprit level , Power custom Oversize mag release,

Ace Socom 4 long stock, Daniels Defense 1 o'clock mount and a burris Fastfire II,

a Versapod picatiny stud w/ a bench rest model that adjusts from 7 to 9 inches,

I installed the rail protectors of which one was missing ( Ruger was quick to send a replacement )

and Graphite forward pistol grip by SOG Armory from Brownelles

and I swapped out the Hogue grip for my favorite Ergo grip,

and Last but not least a DPMS / Miculek muzzle brake. Removing the factory flash

hider was tougher than I expected . Ruger customer service recommended

a spanner wrench. I clamped hard on the bbl with a rubber padded insert

made from conveyor belting and not having a spanner wrench of the correct size

I wrapped it with GO rilla tape ( 4 layers ) and grabbed my trusty Ridgid pipe wrench and

and gave steady pressure till it came loose. ( whew ) and once the tape

was removed and a little WD 40 to get the tape goo of i was pleased to see

not even a scratch.

Oh I almost forgot a Jard 3# trigger to replace the 12+ pound factory trigger.

My first time out to the back yard only gives me 25 yards to get close

on the settings for both the NSX and the FFII

it ran fine for 10 rounds , so off to clean it up during the bbl break-in period.

My first trip to the real range had me thinking I would like to wrap it around a tree

as the first 8 rounds I tried went " Click "

I thought maybe a problem with the trigger or light hammer strikes as there was barely a dimple

in the primmer . So I swapped the lower for another and found the same issue.

My next thought turned to the Firing pin and wondered if it was gummed up.

Yup that was it, it was so stiff It took my leatherman to get it out and I

found what ever Ruger packed in there was like glue in the 28 Degree F Morning here

in Northern WI so after I cleaned it up and a few Qtips with RemOil I was back in business.

I fine tuned the scope @ 100 and

shot a quick 5 shot group @ 100, about an inch.

The new velocity reticle from Nightforce has a top crosshair for 100

the center for 200 and then 300 out to 600 and halfway hashmarks in between

as well, plus instant windage marks to boot. ( SWEET )

I called Nightforce CS before I ordered and double checked the recommended reticle selection

for my favorite load ( 50 Gr. Vmax or Sierra BK over 24.2 Gr of H322 = 3140 fps )

I also found the slick program right on there web site to help in choosing the right


I engaged the 300 yard target by raising up to the 300 yard mark

and fired a quick string of 9 shots . The scope is crystal clear and

the 3.75 in red dot I was shooting @ was easy to see and easy to hold

for a good release using the Versapod in front, and my fist under the pistol

grip for rear support. I was very pleased to see the group when I drove down to the target.

2.3 in for 9 shots ( this happened to be the sierra's but I get great results with both. )\

Looks like a keeper so far.

Any ??? drop me a note








Nov 30, 2009
Western NY
I am unde the impression that it will not use AR/M16 mags = is that so and then what capacity mag's are available?.Thanks


Aug 30, 2009
great pics ! (my gun envy has reach a new level :) ) hopen to get one here in the next few weeks (christmas or just after) been workn my tail off n saven every penny. gratz on a fine set up swandme.


Aug 30, 2009
just picked up my sr 556 today :) been busting my butt for a couple months to get the money together and my beautiful , lovely and very understanding women went with me to get it today alittle early for christmas. ahh to be a kid all over again :) like i said in my post i probably wont be able to sleep tonite :)


Nov 13, 2009
I am in Eagle River

I have vacationed in Ashland a number of times ( beautiful )

I love the Catholic church there made of Brownstone.

My wife and I did a bunch a cycling in the area .

My goal for next summer is to go out on a schooner for a day of sailing.
Any recommendations ?




Nov 29, 2006
Don't really know of anyone who sails. The Bay froze over within the last week. I work for the fire dept and we have our windsled ready for ice rescue if needed. Enjoy the 556