Ruger SR 40C TacLok by Viridian w/ECR

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Aug 18, 2011
For disclosure purposes, I’ve no connection to Viridian apart from that as a regular quite ordinary consumer. Everyhting I mention in the course of this account are those things I have acquired with my own resources as any other individual could do.

If I ever figure out Photobucket I'll try to insert the pics I have for this episode.

“On a dog sled team, If you aren’t the lead dog, the view never changes”
Lewis Grizzard, American humorist

Holster hunting is tuff sledding. No matter how you slice it. It’s not much fun, and depending on how picky you may be, it’s time consuming, frustrating work especially if your handgun is not a 1911, Glock, Taurus, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson M&P, Beretta, or other affordable, or very popular one. Of late, Ruger has re-emerged into some prominence and is again an innovating front running leader in the firearms industry. This is especially given their latest introduction of their SR series of weapons. Their repackaging of the vaunted 1911. More specific to this document, their SR line up of pistols, both large and compact vbersions. Another point of fact which commands more attention from the gun buying pack is the very affordable price atg they have attached to these sidearms without the usual skimping on materials or workmanship in the doing. Move over S&W, Ruger is on the attack! Well, maybe not, both are fine lines. As the popularity has grown so have accessories, good accessories, well made and well fitting accessories for the SR line. Yet somehow holster makers follow a different path or so it seems. Until now, a quality holster for even the trendy SR’s have been as scarce as hens teeth.

If indeed you want one for both your pistol and some makers accessory rail attached optic, light or laser, holster hunting gets worse exponentially. Exponentially fast.

While we’re at it, let’s throw in too the fantasy the holster itself will have security and automatically actuate the optic, light or laser, and you might as well begin learning the trade of holster making for yourself as your choices then are just two, ‘slim’ & ‘none’.

Across the shooting and gun owners forums It’s not uncommon to hear people say routinely they have a box or boxes full of holsters. Near misses making up the bulk. Making do with some which you probably would never have kept, were you to have seen the one you really wanted first. Then too, which way will you carry your sidearm? This last query opens its own bag of worms.

Ever notice just how many holster makers are out there? Tons. Absolutely loaeds of them. More coming out everyday. As the result, time frames, craftsmanship, and quality vary quite dramatically. Custom orders may not have any return option associated with them. You can wait a long time and spend a great deal to wind up being less than really happy.

The primary caveat for the true holster hunter who knows what they want is, only buy those which have a full refund ‘return window’.

When all is said and done, the main thing though seems to be “How well does it fit, feel, and work, if it in fact works at all?

Yet there are still pistols, some quite pricey ones too which have no true tactical solution available.

Until recently, no holster I’ve found, includes a symbiotic relationship between the firearm and the holster. None. Until just recently.

“Tactical holster” making has been revolutionized with the invention, and release of, Viridian’s TacLok holster line with ECR enhancement. ECR equates to, “Enhanced Combat Readiness”.

Laser Aiming sights inc. known better as Viridian to many accessory light & laser buyers, now, has to be considered as the prime mover, or the ‘lead dog’ in the automatic tactical weapons system management arena. Releasing the latest component which yields almost magical instantaneous performance option to it’s operator is a true tour de force. In today’s holster making industry.

If LAS/Viridian isn’t breaking new ground here, they sure are plowing a deep furrow in it. With the ECR series technology initially launched in their accessory lights and green lasers, and now with the follow up and release of these tactical holsters. Viridian’s strategic tonic propels us into a brave new perspective on tactical systems., Viridian has incorporated an intuitive methodology for securing and safely operating the handgun and its lighting or sighting accessory into one very neat bundle.

Background “LAS-Viridian”
I always wonder who is behind the industry at whatever level. Ordinarily its of little consequence to actually know, but for me it seems important to follow those leaders that are innovative, and forward thinkers and are in fact making an impact on the shooting sports or duty & self defense vistas. Tracking this knowledge just like knowing who are the better refinishers, custom weapons makers, and so forth always adds another tier of confidence when or if I have a need of something these people offer. Buying weapons or out fitting and accessorizing them is not like buying TVs or toaster ovens. Confidence in those things which may well save your life seems sort of important to me. Such confidence comes from any number of associated factors, though the more pertinent info derives from who’s the boss, or the prime personality as far as I’m concerned. Some accessories of course have lesser consequence if a failure or interruption occurs. But then, that’s just me. I’m picky and a bit anal that way.

That said, and finding no other forthcoming supply of this sort of info, I asked who was behind all of this… who are the company’s ‘prime movers’ designers, visionaries, and so forth,

then they asked of me “who are you?” Well, I told them, but the who’s who of LAS seems to prefer to remain anonymous for whatever reason. All I was told was “Two collegiates began this operation out of a garage somewhere in Minnesota in 2006 and all the accessories, or equipment being sold as viridian labled gear is made in the U.S.A.

That’s it. End of background gathering. Two college kids and a garage. Really. Hmmm.

Sorry… but I’m not buying it. Not completely, not so simplistically. Actually it was pretty funny to hear that said. The very nature of electronics as I’ve been involved with them either as technician, repair, installation, and in both wholesale & retail, for over 40 years, tells me something way different took place.

I could accept the original concept, or even a model possibly working, or not, could be conceived and assembled from out sourced parts in a Spartan setting. Though not much more could be done in your average garage.

There are those who have everything but the assembly done off shore, or all is out sourced from various contractors around the country, and once all the various parts arrive, they put it together here… so effectively in a sense, it is then, made (assembled), in the USA…. So there’s that!

Obviously one or both had an electronics background. One or both had some foundation or concept of business and somewhere in that mix was an idea or vision which involved acquiring substantial funding, and later possibly one which could provide revenue streams, knock down some industry barriers, and cover new ground, either intentionally or incidentally..

I was informed all of the designing, fabrication, and production occurs right here in America, in the “Land of 1,000 Lakes”, or Minnesota.

Be all of that conjecture as it may, or may not besince the introduction of their first products LAS decided to remain in one facet of the laser aiming industry, and devotes their efforts solely to the development and application of the Green Laser. The product lines range from those outfitted only with LED lights, Green lasers and to those combination units that include both emitters, as well as options for their configuration. All of their products are rail attached units. All are either CR2 or CR 123a lithium battery powered. Their products are offered to civilian, law enforcement, and for military applications. Utilizing remote controlled switching, the same X series units can outfit rifles or shotguns as a lengthy thin cable attaches to the rear of the optic and it’s operating end contains the switches for its control and setup to user defined results within the parameters allowed by the device.

This alone is a whole new direction for strategic accessories to enter into. One well beyond the norm of On or off only.

LAS – Viridian seems to not be resting on their laurels by resigning themselves to stay put on current production models and their ongoing revisions. Continually Viridian addresses new model weapons from differing manufacturers by releasing precisely made lights or lasers which fit these various forthcoming iterations of firearms exclusively.

Their latest release of a pistol mounted array called the Reactor, is designed to slip onto some of the smallest handguns going, the Ruger LCP, and the Ruger LC9.

Viridian did not stop with merely the release of a light solution for the handgun and say, “OK… we’re done, good luck.” Like so many other laser & light makers regularly do. Not at all, Viridian completed the vision with the addition of a pocket holster which yields the instant on ECR tech for the LCP and LC9 to boot!

It is evident LAS isn’t letting any moss grow on them as they strive towards leadership in the weapons optics system accessory industry. The unique aspect which I find most intriguing about this up and coming company is their philosophy on controlling the optic as well as being able to configure it.. often on the fly. Viridian offers adaptability and selections for operation where other likewise competitors do not. Chief among these options are those of the ECR (instant operation) facility.

The production of a total system control by a laser manufacturer is leading edge stuff. Staying on point with designs and, production for currently released weapons is another sign of commitment to being an industry leader. They are making waves, not ripples their competition will have to notice and address if they are to have any portion of this ever evolving market share regarding optimization of weapons lighting systems and their enhanced applications.., beyond merely producing the optic itself. As their sole or best effort.

For my money, I’d say it’s about time! It’s about time someone saw how to remove a big step from the procedure of using an attached light, and deliver to the operator a true real world, real time benefit. This advance is long over due. An operational capacity such as this should be the standard, and not the exception to the mandates commonly forced upon consumers by optic manufactures.

Got a light?
It’s more weight to carry.. they cost a lot… one more thing to go wrong… batteries die… the perp knows where you are… green lasers are susceptible to heat and cold…. Red is harder to see than green.. And they are expensive… so goes the outcrys against adding lights or lasers to a handgun.

In every set of circumstances the idea for gun owners, professional or civilian when they buy a weapon, is that they are all seeking what ever advantage they and their philosophies underpin. No one is out there looking for poor or poorer defensive firearm or tactical solutions that don’t work dependably. Therefore, reason dictates some choices no matter how slim an edge they provide, or what their downsides ‘might’ arguably supply, then why not employ It when possible?

It wasn’t difficult for me to find out more than a fair number of ‘so called’ Tactical holsters are little more than thin Kydex shells that looked more like little waste paper baskets than holsters. The weapon rattles about in it, or theres no actual security besides gravity holding your handgun in place.

Sometimes… depending on which setup floats your boat, these not so desirable efforts may have to be your solution… as a few have had to be for me so far.

All too many Tactical holster makers outfits necessitate the standard methodology which foists upon its operator, extra time and additional motion for activating their light (s) upon the initial presentation.

Tactical holsters like these in the purest of Tactical practices serve as nothing more than OTB or IWB gun luggage. They perform no other service. They merely imply they will help your firearm avoid some damage, and maintain it somewhere on your person during most circumstances.

Viridian has raised the gbar for the status quo regarding tactical weapon’s system management with the vision for and development of, their ECR line of components which takes away that move of engaging the accessory itself..

About the Taclok
Viridian offers by name, a holster made for the SR 9C only on their website. SR 40C owners know all too well only a smidgen of diff remains between these two fine handguns. An itty bitty bit. With Kydex however, depending, that wee tad can be too great an obstacle to overcome, necessitating the holster hunting exploration to continue.

Well, I think the hunt has concluded with the SR 9C TacLok, and a wee bit of adjustments. In Truth, it really can be halted. I suspect so too those SR 40 owners can breathe easier also. More on exactly how to get a more optimized fit a bit later.

With the SR 40C resting inside the holster, from just in front of the magazine eject button back, the Ruger compact is exposed. Completely. The ambidexterous safety switch is entirely naked and the slide stop lever is visible. This means both the magazine ejector buttons and the Ruger ski ramp loaded chamber indicator rest uncovered by the holster material, remaining easily accessible to the touch or sight.

The triggers, and their guard, are fully enclosed by the thick and very stiff Kydex material. Getting a finger onto the triggers will required pop sickle thin fingers, or a very determined ‘card carrying’ masochist with great dexterity to get to them, Encapsulating the guard so completely relieves the owner from previous ‘possible’ bad habits and helps to ensure safer handgun operation.

Viridian has all but subtracted the thinking about manually energizing the accessory out of the scenario. This evolution in holstertechnology, yields a smoother and quicker fully ready demonstration of your sidearm when or if the need presents itself.

Neither is an operator of the TacLok holsters forced to deal with the added encumberance of an attached mechanical switching device that is susceptible to harm or malfunction, as often pressure switches can become.

The benefit of possessing an automatically energized light, intrinsically saves precious seconds previously required for activating and or selecting a mode of operation, and affords the owner greater peace of mind, and deeper focus on the actual or apparent threat.

As the very lowest portion of the holster near the firearm’s muzzle is open, it allows one to see the firing up and snuffing out of your Viridian light’s settings, as a bonus. Enclosing this area beneath the muzzle of your sidearm would of course disallow this notification.

These TacLok holsters have a thumb break like lock which has no strap or snap or even a need for thumb to worry about releasing or engaging it.

The toggle switch operating the TacLok security release, lays right at trigger finger tip on the lower portion of the holsters body. For my medium large hand to get to it and engage it I use a firm purchase on the Ruger compacts grip. The release action is almost thoughtless in its functionality. Once the fingertip naturally drops upon the release latch, operating it is entirely intuitive.

The TacLok security feature itself should pose no additional delays when or if it becomes necessary to pull your sidearm out of this device. Truth be told, I can’t legitimately point to any aspect of the pistols’ withdrawal process from this tactical holster as a hinderance or disadvantage.

Practicing the grip, release, and draw will make this action instinctive rather than premeditated, eventually taking thinking about it out of the procedure altogether. That’s the main idea! I’ve found the quickest actions are those that demand little or no thought and rely upon instincts derived from training and disciplines instead.

As quick as this unit enables your pistol to be drawn, and simultaneously prepares its optic, the actual time to full deployment, as with any other holster, is predominately up to you, but utilizing this holster for your tactical solution certainly provides anyone and edge who possesses it.

By virtue of the chosen Kydex materials, Viridian made the holster almost impervious to rain, sleet or snow. Cold or hot weather. Oils, and other chance liquids people can come in contact with from time to time. It’s less affected by mold, or mildew being less porus than either nylon or leather.

It is not the common sort of kydex you see so regularly when shopping around for non leather holsters. The Viridian model has a far more elegant finish applied to it, and it is a vastly more solid build. You can not twist or tear the fabric using your fingers or even a pair of pliers! A piece of it could possibly be broken off perhaps, but that test was one I decided NOT to include in my testing regimen for hopefully understandable reasons.

Max belt width for this holster is one and one half inches according to my steel tape. . Adjusting the holster to a belt is done by employing two small tab like components on the preformed belt loops. One tab for each loop. They can be slid up or down independently.

The way the hard loops of this contraption are angled outward and back a tad, make this holster quite resistant from slippage while on the belt. Place it on the ip, appendix, or cross draw, once even slightly snug, sliding it about on the belt even a little bit, is not happening. So here’s a holster which will stay where you want it.

I keep a 15 round mag in it around the house. Throwing on a size larger shirt than I wear most often, the outfit resting in front of my appendix is farily hard to pick out. I’d probably opt for the shorter 10 round mag were I to carry OTB under a non tuckable button type, or T shirt .

My one inch wide casual dress ,non duty belt wasn’t the best belt to use with this holster. With a 15 round magazine inserted, either the belt had to be drawn tight past where it allows me to stroll about in open society, or two hands were needed to draw the pistol. The loose dress style belt did not prevent the setup from flopping about, until it was tightened to an uncomfortable point. Then, things were much mproved, regarding its stability.

To get the best of a tactical weapon system as this one is, a “stiff” duty or dedicated carry belt is a prerequisite. That, or I had to suck it up and be OK with wearing my belts tighter to stabilize the pistol while in the holster.

There is no cant to the position of the pistol holstered. Withdrawing the pistol and thereafter, reholstering are straight in line movements. No tilting or twisting, or levering it to or from the body is needed. The best approach is directly up and out, thereafter, to directly drop it back in while keeping it slightly to the rear of the units housing.

This is a very easy to wear holster, and quite comfortable to have on for very long periods of time. Wearing it while composing much of this essay it sits there without much if any notice. Only when my elbow rubs against it do I feel it’s presence.

Although well made and very durable, this isn’t a portable gun safe. The mechanical restraints employed on this product are to keep it on board during normal occurances. Walking, jogging, running, jumping, falling, getting in and out of a vehicle or rising from a seated position, and so on. Thru all of these evolutions to one extent or another, it did just that for me.

Sorrsery, or slide of hand?
Slight of hand, ledger domain, or even the well travled incantation “Abbra -Kadabra”, all apply to something marvelous or magical is often about to take place hwere in general it should not. This is the premise and context for all great illusions to seem mysterious, supernatural, and or indescribable,. Possessing the ability to make extraordinary things emerge from the constraints of noarmalcy is what magic is all about.

The crucible of mystisicsm contained in magic lays hidden behind the veils and curtains of popular ignorance, wide spread inexperience, and pre-determination and not merely ‘smoke & mirrors’.

When magic is really good, no one is thinking about what’s going on during the trick. Though many might be suspicious, its only after everything is over, the trick completed, then they begin to wonder and try to puzzle it out.

Regardless the number of times I draw my compact handgun from the Viridian ECR holster, and see the laser and LED light become automatically displayed, I can’t help but feel “its magic!” it is fun to watch every time. I have been relieved of those duties and added time for engaging the accessory which in fact aids me in identifying and or, targeting possible threats. When seconds count, saving as many of them as you can, is mandatory.

Illusions are actually truths that only a very few know about, and the magicians conceal or keep quite confidential to themselves. How incredible the trick appears equates to how well it was thought out, put together, and thereafter presented to the public.

Viridian’s particular Abbra Kadabbra stunt is readily explained by anyone who gets their hands on one and does even a little investigating. Without inspecting the holster at all, one could logically surmise some mechanical bump, or pressure oriented outcropping could press itself against either of the two tabs activating the Viridian accessory light as it slid by using friction or pressure as a presumable method. The recurring wearing down of those tabs which cover the switches on the Viridian accessory light or upon the bumps used to engage them residing inside the holster however would not be the most desirable path. Such a plan carries the burden, with wear or use, the automatic operational process will eventually become inoperable or at the least unstable. Friction charges us all by way of performance lost and further costs for replacements or maintenance. Why do we lubricate our weapons? Exactly.

Immediately after installing a new battery into your Viridian accessory light, the battery begins discharging. I did not give this aspect much due when I first heard it said by a Viridian agent. It makes perfect sense now if you begin to consider the technique put in place for the automatic operation of that accessory if used in conjunction with an ECR holster.

How then is it switched on or off?

How about using a polarized field which when entered into even briefly, will both turn off, and then back on, an item passing thru it? No moving parts. No friction and hence no enevitable untoward debilitation of operation via mechanical means. Nothing to refit or replace because chafing and use broke it down.

The meager amount of spent energy for maintaining this additional functionality is miniscule. The specs on each ECR lights likely operation obviously includes this parameter.

A magnet, created or natural, is utilized as the field generator, and the energized light source passing thru the field is then able to become affected en route in either direction, if energized in advance.

I’ll not presume further into the way the electronics are formulated or function in the accessory lights outfitted with ECR tech as this point is virtually moot. The users of the ECR holsters merely want reassurance of stable performance, and dependable long lasting durability. The methodology and design being employed in the context of the ECR components readily supply at least these exact benefits.

Let there be light… or not.
Coming up with an idea like the ECR technology and as well, formulating how to incorporate it as a system management tool, then designing and engineering it to be at first plausible, thereafter durable, reliable, and affordable? Incredible is the only thought I can muster.

The magnet that is one of the two facets necessary to ordain “Let there be light… or not! lives in a cast piece of material which makes up the ‘back bone’ or spine, to this Remarkable component. The spine is less than half and inch thick, and roughly three inches long. Two screws which thread thru the holster and the spine each catch a rivet on the holsters opposite side. On each of these fasteners are two stiff but pliable rubber grommets. Each rubber spacer lays between the J shaped spine or if you like, switching mechanism, and the holster itself. The female is a long sleeve or shoulder in which the flat head screw descends and tightens.

Atop the inserted switching unit is a flat quite thin abutment which protrudes out and stays parallel to the whole of the switch. This is all of a magnetized piece of material needed to properly operate a Viridian ECR optic.

With any luck the pics I’ve taken will wind up here soon showing all of this with some detail.
These two fasteners and their rubber bushings on each side hold everything in place very well for the sR 9C as is. SR 40 owners will need to add to this area to better adapt it for their own pistol.

This odd “J” shaped piece also forms a footer for the muzzle of the pistol to prevent it from sliding in to far.

Adjusting these two screws out, enables the holster to accommodate the larger caliber SR 40C’s greater width, otherwise it will bind as it is seated into the holster, or make it quite an effort to retrieve it.

I saw no additionally supplied piece of material, not even nylon washers, one could use or insert to adjust for the disparity between the 9MM & 40 SW compact models width.

I suppose this is left up to the poor SR 40C owner to figure out and add in. though not a difficult task, c’mon man, nylon washers, or spacers? You couldn’t include a few of these to better accommodate the slightly thicker SR 40C buyers?

I suspect too, it’s easy enough a task for a template to be made of the backbone noting where the holes are, and then trimming your whatever shim to fit. I felt at this juncture adding in more pliable ‘gasket’ like material to one or both sides of the spine would allow for some variance if the thickness of the insert was not exact. Especially as this needed work is in an area no one is going to see but you. Another thought here might be to dash on over to Ace Hardware and size up some replacement fasteners which will give a deeper bite and better attachment as they would have more threads into the female side thus allowing a more secure outcome. Maybe a different esthetic but I do believe things will work out OK using the supplied screws and nuts with lock washers & spacers. The gap is not severe. How wide your gap becomes depends on how loosely you want your pistol to ride in it.

It was during the loosening of these two screws to manage a better fitting solution for my Ruger 40 SW compact, that I stumbled onto the spot the magnet calls home. It grabbed onto my screwdriver.

Testing with extreme prejudice……
All tests were preformed with a loaded 15 round mag installed. No animals, people, vegetables, or minerals were injured during the course of these tests… much.

The first trial involving inadvertent crashes was the drop test. Not sure it was supposed to be the first but as I reached over the desk & chair directly adjacent to the night stand where I had laid the holstered pistol, my bare left foot abruptly and quite rudely found one leg of the chair. As picking up the filled TacLok and reacquainting my foot with that darn chair once more were simultaneous acts, the relief of my pain screamed for an immediate response. Or it sounded like someone yelled. Could have been me. Probalby not though,men don’t yell when they nearly break a toe or two do they? Didn’t think so. Probably it was a feral cat wandering about outside the bedroom window.

The physical distraction which futily tried to relieve me from some further distress forced the hand holding the outfit to hurl it somewhere.

Hurl something, somewhere now! The gun would have to do. So I threw it straight down onto the bed! Hard!

Making a quick check of the damaged foot for leakage, and making a quick count to see no toes were knocked off as the result of their sudden impact. The need to continue hurling something somewhere persisted. So I picked up the covered handgun and slammed it deeply into the bed again.

I continued this activity until the pain subsided. It seemed to help. I ensured the muzzle was pointing in a safer direction than pointing towards me as it had landed during the first two free fall events.

The TacLok had good bounce factor. Another sign of a well constructed affair.

You may throw your TacLok holster where ever you wish. I picked the bed because it was to me at the time.

I did think about throwing it right onto the floor, or through a window but not long.

Absolutely no issues were discovered after those uh, tremendously forceful tosses onto the bed. The ceiling fan survived but was not left totally unscathed. It turns out a holstered pistol does not have quite the stopping or destructive power, of one being fired into a rotating ceiling fan. Don’t ask, that was a very long time ago, and there were severe circumstances in play. Only a small nick out of one vane took place and the fan barely slowed its rotation.

Next, from a safer location, using both hands one at a time, I held onto only the butt of the pistol and shook the pair in every direction possible as roughly as I could for a fair amount of time. I also applied prudent, but quite significant force trying to separate the captive sidearm from it’s captor, the TacLok holster with these wild slinging and shaking maneuvers. Still, the holster and gun did not seek out even a trial separation or worse yet, a nasty divorce.

These last two events, much as the first one, were not on the menu of my extreme torture testing curriculum. Now finally seated and allowing one foot to recoup, I felt not enough vigor had been used during the virtual ‘paint can shaking’ affair, so I initiated that trial again. With more vigor of course. While I was shaking it I sort of lost my grip on it and it flew up a little, out a bit, and then down as far as it could go. The landing was very solid sounding, another mark of well built equipment.

Thankfully the floor broke its fall.

I quickly launched a desperate all out search and is often the case with me, my currently non recovering foot, that would be the other one for those keeping score, stepped down onto it with considerably more force than I had anticipated. Naturally, the back of the holster was facing up towards me so my foot solemnly and suddenly, against my will, landed rudely onto it.

I was grateful the search was over and the holster foud, but my gratitude did not outweigh the ensuing episode of pain which erupted just as fast.

One word of caution about this holster, If you’re sitting around at home giving your gun or accessories some impromptu excessively rigorous torture testing and your weapon & holster take wings? Turn on the lights, and THEN look for it. Or at least remember to have some sort of footwear on. There’s really no rush. Gravity will keep it from getting too far away.

Not one ding, dent, split or even a tiny crack were found while inspecting the holster and it’s .40 S&W companion. After their inauspicious launch, and their unexpected harsh recovery the only damage noted was the pain in the foot which disclosed the units wehre abouts so excruciatingly quick.

I’m a quick healer, and as yet unsatisfied I’ve put this bundle thru enough dire straights, I pondered yet one more scenario which could decide plainly enough exactly how formidable and well bolstered this new TacLok container actually is… or was, depending on the outcome.

This next intriguing application should involve still greater degrees of unpredictability and more intensive attacks. I thought of enlisting my neighbors help. With their aid I was sure I could obtain and examine what sheer brute force might do to this tactical arrangement. I went post haste to each one’s abode.

Both of my neighbors have small horses they call dogs. I ventured to inquire if either of them would like to play tug o war using the holster and their livestock, ‘Sarge’ and ‘Zeus’, respectively. Naturally I stipulated the gun had to be inside the holster and loaded. I did give them the option to have their beasts either saddled or unsaddled, and bridled or unbridled. . For what ever reasons each neighbor declihned summarily.

I used to be a pretty fair horseman in my youth, but felt these two animals had far too much well, let’s call it ‘attitude’ towards me to do the Tug O War bit with either one personally.

Consequently the inconceivably rude and harsh testing session closed as inauspiciously as it began.

The Viridian ECR holster came thru with definite, ‘flying’ Colors, despite involuntarily the truncated testing session.

The TacLok downsides…
Less I be acused of publishing an out and out rave, it must contain those objectively and accurately noted shortcomings I discovered.

1. Presently, only right hand models are available for the Ruger compacts. Left hand models are out for other handguns so do check out the Viridian site for more on that.

2. There is a lack of upper relief in the channel the front sight slips into to accommodate some of the taller after market front post sights. This is understandable considering most will depend upon their Viridian equipment whenever possigble, or the OEM sights as needed. The rear sights have no such caveat as they remain fully exposed when holstered. Williams Fire Sights for example told me very recently, their front post sight is half again larger than is the one on the Ruger SR compacts. Do exercise some caution if you aim to replace the OEM front post Remember, measure twice, buy once.

3. Increasing the dwell of the compact piece into the holster by only 3/8 of an inch,or by as much as ½ inche more would enable smaller hands with shorter fingers greater ease of activating the TacLok release switch and cover the magazine release buttons fully. This would not cause conflicts with the pistol grip itself as the base about the trigger guard is entirely enclosed. Nothing is in the way to prevent a firm solid esy grasp of the pistol’s handle. A somewhat deeper emersion would also allow for a tick lower ride of the pistol while holstered. A lower center of gravity is a desirable feature. Albeit, these are exceptionally marginal desparities I’m talking about here. Possibly for some, they would go entirely unoticed.

If lowering the sidearm further into the dwell of the holster can not be done, another as much increase to it’s overall height would cover the magazine ejection buttons securing the pistol still more.
If you can turn on & off your Viridian rail attached appliance with just one hand, you’re good to go with the TacLok latching system!

4. There is an undescribable but poor odor one can detect if one sticks one’s nose very close to the holster. Otherwise, it is undetectable during regular handling or wearing.

5 supply can at times be sparse. Certainly supply hinges upon demand and production criteria, popularity, etc., However, through the ordering and delivery process you are notified and updated regularly by email. Often the wait if there is one, is relatively short. I waited about a week from purchase date to shipping date. Within two weeks it had arrived. Given the nature of things in general today, this is most acceptable but deserving of a notice..

It isn’t hard to see the word ‘Tactical’ cast about here or there with respect to some manufacturers products as we scan thru magazines, or the wild and wooly web seeking them out. Sometimes there indeed is an actual advantage for the owner of it, and sometimes not. In the case of these ECR holsters, the benefit is fascinatingly and instantly evident.

This time, with respect to the Viridian ECR TacLok holsters, the term Tactical advantage has purpose and meaning.

The Viridian TacLok ECR holster is finished and fitted extraordinarily well. It is also easy to notice the design esthetic is all work and no play. It has no amature or toy like feel to it. With minor adjustments, and a tad of thoughtfulness, making this SR 9C slipper fit the bigger toes of it’s 40 SW sibling requires little effort. Anyone can do it, it’s that easy.

This isn’t a holster designed specifically for fast draw, or deep concealment, rather it is designed for safe, secure carry and instant operation of the Viridian Enhanced Combat Readiness functionality. The fact it accommodates comfort, ease of use, and reduces time to deployment and full operation, in conjuction with it’s solid build and astute layout, make it an excellent choice for tactical professional duty or personal defensive uses

LAS/Viridian has produced a durable, solikdly performing, great looking, intuitively operated, long wearing, near maintenance free, OTB duty style Tactical holstering solution for many of the currently available handguns in production, with more on the way.

It is a great pleasure to be able to recommend such a well thought out and manufactured product.