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Jul 7, 2022
Bought some guns over the years with the intention of customizing them, they were either good deals/duplicates/impulse buys and probably aren't ever going to get dropped into my project queue.

- Prices include shipping and insurance to an FFL of your choosing (Lower 48 only)
- FTF in Northern Colorado possible, transfer at buyer's expense
- Please ensure your FFL will accept from an individual
- Please ensure these are legal to own where you live.
- Pretty easy on payment, I can work with pretty much everything. Associated fees for payment processing (if any) will be the buyer's responsibility.
- I'm new to this forum, but have a number of references available elsewhere as well as deals done with established members here
- Happy to talk on the phone and answer any questions. I like talking about guns.
- I tried to price them less than what they're actually selling for locally to me and on GB, but if I am grossly off the mark feel free to PM me

Trades entertained +/- cash as needed:
.45 Colt Redhawk
Freedom Arms 83 (454, 475L, 500JRH, .22LR) or 97 (32-20, 44SPL)
Custom revolvers...try me
Pre-lock S&W N-Frames or K-22s
Jeff Quinn GP100

1. Stainless NM Vaquero (2017) Model 10597 $800
5-1/2" 44 Magnum
Unfired, but has been handled/holstered
All factory papers, box, cylinder guard, lock


2. Blued NM Blackhawk Flat Top (2017) Model 05233 SOLD

3. Blued New Model Blackhawk (2013) Model 00465 $650
5-1/2" 45 Colt
Fired, but not much at all. Great condition.
Has a minor bluing blemish (purple spot) above barrel on front of frame (see pics)
Was destined to be a Linebaugh 5-Shot conversion til I found one already built. Has .035" of S/N clearance for conversion purposes...probably borderline for most makers
All factory papers, box, lock, cylinder guard



4. Stainless NM Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 (2016) Model 00870 $900
6-1/2" .480 Ruger
Fired, but in very good condition. Has been carried. Original owner stated 140 rounds of Hornady 325 XTP fired

Kirkpatrick Sixgunner (RH, Natural finish), new Lee carbide dies and collet crimp die, some 412gr cast projectiles, and ~100 rounds of factory Hornady ammo available to buyer at additional cost. I am not inclined to part with them otherwise, I have .475L guns they all work with.



5. Blued NM Super Blackhawk (1976) Model 0802 $675
7-1/2" .44 magnum
Fired, round count unknown. Locks up like a bank vault, excellent mechanical condition
"Made in the 200th Year of American Liberty" marking on barrel
Previously appears to have had a Poly Choke vent rib that was removed (sticky pad residue on front sight)
Some light scratches where rib was removed and glue pads scraped off
Idiot mark/Turn line on cylinder from sight screw (see pics)

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