Ruger repaired my new MK III that had jam issues

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Jul 9, 2009
Auburn, CA
Last month I bought a new MK III-Target. Using three different brands of ammo, I had frequent jams/stovepipes usually 2-3 per mag. I even used the LCI-removal instructions posted help.
So I called Ruger. Ruger listened to my complaints and immediately emailed to me a "next-day air express" label. The next day, the pistol was on its way to Prescott, AZ.
Ruger had it a few days and sent it back via "two-day" UPS. Their written document returned with the pistol stated:"Barrel/Receiver repaired/Ejector repaired/Extractor repaired"
Today I put about 200 rounds through it and I experienced 5 stovepipes and I can't say I blame those on the gun. Could be ammo or my grip. So I am happy to report Ruger service was outstanding from start to finish.