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Nov 21, 2010
Dakota Territories

Note: It's 45 Colt only, I don't think Ruger makes them anymore. The closest they offer now is their new 5050 Model, which is a combo of 45 Colt and 45 ACP. Personally, I have no use for that.

Mine is a Model 05027, with 4" barrel, purchased in 2011. I am the original owner, the box and papers are there.

As soon as I bought it I put on an aftermarket grips to replace the original plastic grips with finger grooves. What I have is very similar to the standard Redhawk grips, maybe a tad thicker, very comfortable for my short fingers.

The gun has seen some use, but I rate it in 95% condition, no scratches or blemishes. If anything, the double-action pull has improved with time.
I only used my reloads, never pushing the bullet above 1,000 f/sec. Never had any leading, so the barrel is super clean.

Asking $900, shipping included.

I am in South Dakota.


SOLD as of 11pm Central 05/08/2023
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