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Nov 2, 2017
Gentlemen need some specific info with regard to the Ruger red label Trap model 04403. Purchase has been lined up and we are trying to verify we have everything that came in the box before it ships to me. I have already spoken with ruger shotgun department, the always helpful ladies have told me the gun comes with an unusual collection of goodies and would like to have a few things confirmed should anyone have one close at hand.

Led to believe the lock may have come in a box by it's self, which is somewhat unusual also that the factory lock was black with red logo. Really hoping someone can supply us with a picture so that we can verify we have the correct lock before it ships to me?
-confirm it shipped with only two chokes (modified & assuming a Full choke) and Briley choke wrench?
-confirm eklind fold up hex wrench set?
-confirm torque wrench and rib adjustment tool?
-confirm the gun shipped with spacers (not certain if they shipped with the spacers installed or if they where loose in the parts)?
-confirm Rig +p lube
of course also shipped with Ruger trap model owners manual & advertisement card.

Am I missing anything here......Thank you for your time and trouble
Jul 13, 2002
Marysville, CA USA
Try this link. I don't believe the gun shipped with a lock but could be wrong. In the picture you can see the small finger tip "screwdriver" to adjust trigger tension...

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