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Nov 6, 2009
I am considering purchasing a stainless p94. I read a lot on this forum about the P95, P90, and P89 but not so much about the P94. I really think this is an attractive gun and like the build qualities of the metal Ruger P series. I understand the .40 cal is a good compromise between the .45 and 9mm. Dont want to start that debate here, just want some opinions on the reliability and accuracy of this gun. Also, in my area (NE Florida), checked two local gun shops. For new guns, one wants $479, and one wants $500. Sounds high to me from what i have heard here. Thanks for you opinions in advance.

Al James

Nov 27, 2007
I say buy one! I'm biased though because I think the P series is an excellent design and I own a few. I would do a search to figure out what variation that you want first. There was also a change in design regarding the internal design of the guns recoil spring/guide rod. Do a search on Camblock or swinging link and you should have plenty of info on this as well. Depending on if you want new or used you should be able to pick one up for a great price right now. Post Obama scare recession prices. Let me know which model you want because I know of a few out there right now. Good luck.


Apr 15, 2005
This might not be much help with current prices, but I paid around $459.00 + tax for a new KP944 almost 7 years ago. It's a very rugged, heavy design, although I had to have the extractor bent to reduce persistent jamming. I fired several thousand rounds throgh my KP944 within a year of purchase.
I then bought a Glock 23. The Glock is much lighter, easier to conceal, more reliable, and more accurate for me. I will emphasize that this is just my experience- YMMV. The Ruger is superior in low recoil- less of that .40 S&W hand stinging at the range, too.


Jan 7, 2010
I bought a P944 stainless 40 caliber before Christmas for $489 and couldn't be happier. I put Hogue grips on mine and to me it improves the feel quite a bit. I've put 200 rounds through it without a problem. I prefer the aluminum frame over poly and you know you are holding a gun in your hands! Helps lighten the recoil, too. It seems to be a very stout, well made gun.

Mike J

Aug 5, 2007
Mine has the swinging link I bought it back in 2000. It has between 2500 & 3000 rounds through it. It malfunctioned once due to a bad round of ammunition. That was around 1700 rounds ago. It really just comes down to what you want.;

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