Ruger MKIV & The LPA MKII adjustable sight compatibility

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Dec 17, 2017
I acquired a MKIV hunter in blue recently. I went with the blued pistol because it’s about half the price of a stainless steel gun and there are a ton of blued uppers on the market that can be had for a song. I purchased two Bull Barrel 5.5” uppers and a 4.75” Standard upper and have less than $200 in the three of them combined.

I prefer adjustable sights on my pistols. LPA makes an excellent adjustable sight that uses the standard front sight on the Standard 4.75” pistol. Called Ruger and was advised that the rear dovetail sight slot on the MKIV was the same dimension as the MKII & MKIII. So problem solved...not entirely. The LPA sight fit the dovetail perfectly. However, the pistol shot 4” high at 25 yards with the LPA sight cranked all the way down.

Called Ruger again and asked if I could purchase a higher front sight. Ruger: “ No. All of our front sights are the same height.” Me: “ Is the front sight on the MKII higher than the MKIV?” Ruger: “ Don’t know. I would have to speak with one of the engineers.” I could see where this was going so I thanked the customer service lady for her time and hung up.

Had a brief moment of inspiration and realized that I had a spare 4.75” barrel in my parts bin. Removed the front sights on both barrels and the MKII front sight is 25 thousands of an inch higher. The MKII sight is held in place with a roll pin. The MKIV sight is held in place with a 3/32” Allen screw. However, the holes line up perfectly. All that was needed was to drill the MKII pin hole out with a 3/32 bit and install the sight.

As of today, Numrich does not have any MKII front sights. Wirthwein Guns does have them. $10.00 + shipping. These sights do not have any pin hole and will have to be drilled.

Hope this is helpful.


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Aug 23, 2008
N. Texas
One thing I like about the MKIV is the clearnce page at Volquartsen, many different MKIV uppers come along there, inexpensive. I check that page often. Volquartsen also has a eBay page, got some good deals there on parts.

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