Ruger MKII.5- the best of both

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Aug 25, 2009
I have been working on my new MKIII for six months or so and recently bought a good MKII. I have combined, I think, the best features of the two, making it a MKII.5.

I took the MKII 6-in barrel (no loaded chamber flag) and added an LPA 22RU18 adjustable sight.

I substituted the MKIII lower with a Volquartsen hammer and bushing (no magazine disconnect).

I then drilled/tapped setscrews for the trigger preset and travel limits (you'll need to grind off the spur on the rear of the trigger which wedges the magazine).

Next, I replaced the sear spring tail restraining pin with a #6 SS cotter pin (no more stuck hammer strut during reassembly).

Finally, I added nice cocobolo grips and have, I think, the best of both models. It still has the desirable 'skate key' safety interlock and the button magazine release. It shoots well...
Bill Beamon