Ruger M77 Mark II .300 Reduce Recoil

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Sep 20, 2008
I have had this Ruger M77 Mark II chambered in .300 Win Mag for a few years now. It has the synthetic stock and I put a slip on decelerator pad in place of the stock pad. Although the gun was fun at the beginning I am considering selling it simply because the .300 WM is becoming just too much. I know this gun isn't a plinker and I don't want to set it up as such. The problem lies in with sighting in the scope to varying ranges. This can sometimes take anywhere from 10-30 rounds to finally get my zero. The problem then is my aim gets worse after the 10th round because I have a hard time taking the punch and keeping my eyes downrange. I can sometimes catch myself squinting and tensing up just before the trigger pull as i get ready to take the punch.

I love the gun and I love the round. The .300 has so much potential and I would really hate to sell the rifle. I also have an AR for plinking and varminting, an AK for all the zombies, a shotgun for everything else to accompany my M&P 45.

So I am curious if there are more ways to reduce the felt recoil of this gun. Are there different stocks out there? Can I port or break a non threaded barrel? Any other types of decelerator pads I can use? Please help me I need something before I am forced to say goodbye to my hard hitting baby.

PS. I am a decent sized guy 5'9 about 225 lbs. I am also military so I shoot on a frequent basis. Just after 10 rounds from this punisher I start getting a splitting headache.


Dec 5, 2007
Slidell, LA
The Caldwell Lead Sled is certainly a viable option. On my Ruger MK II, I have installed a Knoxx Compstock (now owned by Blackhawk). This is a replacement stock that at least for my Ruger was a simple drop-in installation taking about 5 minutes. This stock has a cam-type recoil device in the buttstock that really works. It is available for the Ruger MK II in short & long actions. I must admit that I don't know if the 300 WM is a long or magnum length action. So, you might want to check on that.

This stock is also available in pillar-bedded or full-length aluminum bedding block versions. I believe the going retail price is about $240 and over $300, respectively. I have the pillar beeded version on my Ruger.

Do a web search and read about the stock. The web site has much more info, as well as a video. If you do decide to seriously consider this option, let me know and I'll let you know what I've experienced with this stock. Nothing earth shattering but there are a couple of nuances of which you should be aware. All in all, I'm very pleased with mine.

You also mentioned a muzzle brake, which should also work fine, though this option also has its disadvantages and is a permanent modification. However, this option may be cheaper than the Knoxx option. I've fired rifles with MBs and they did a good job of mitigating recoil. Yes, they were loud but I always wear ear muffs, whether shooting at the range or hunting. I've been using electronic ear muffs, since they first came out, which cut off the loud sounds but amplify normal sounds.

BTW, I also am former military. After absorbing alot of recoil in my Army days, I vowed not to put up needlessly with it after that.

Good luck.