Ruger Long Guns at the Range Ended Badly

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Oct 7, 2022
For the 1st time since the pandemic started/ended I went to the rifle range with my recently acquired LC 5.7x28 carbine and Min-14 Ranch .556. I've fired the LC indoors @ 25 yards and I wanted to see how far I could stretch it out. Couldn't make out the target at 100 yards so stayed at 50 yards with fair results. Have to decide if I'm going to scope it or not but since I'm going to primarily shoot it indoors I probably won't. Went through 2 boxes of ammo with the Mini-14 again with fair results. Definitely going to have to scope it if I want to go past 50 yards but since I got in so my granddaughter can practice long range with iron sights I'll hold up until she decides if she is going into the Marines. I let it cool down during a cease fire and after firing the LC some more I planned to shoot another 2 boxes through the Mini-14. After firing the 5 round magazine it came with I switched mags and then the bolt wouldn't close even when I took out the magazine. A couple of the range officers took a look at it but they couldn't do anything with it either. Called Ruger when I got home and it will go back to them on Monday. No reason for a brand new rifle to do that.